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We feast on the Battlefield


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Óðinn á yðr alla

After-action Report regarding the raid on Foundation Site-87 on 22-1-2021 in Osaka, Japan.

Background: On November 2nd, 2020, an insurgency group led by a coalition of Korean and Chinese anomalies launched Operation Ragnarsdrápa1 against the Japanese Empire. This event led to widespread dissent and rebellion amongst the civilian population in the empire, as well as the breakdown of the Veil in areas such as Manchuria and Northern China. Operation Ragnarsdrápa involved subversive guerilla warfare against the Japanese Branch of the SCP Foundation. In addition to this, the market and internet were flooded with media banned by the Japanese Government such as anime, manga, and video games.

Operation Ragnarsdrápa was evaluated to be a moderate success by Valravn analysts. In the aftermath of the operation, dozens of anomalous refugees were able to escape the empire. The Japanese military and SCP-JP took numerous casualties and the efforts to repair the damage done by Ragnarsdrápa are estimated to cost 1 billion Japanese Yen.

The operation was also responsible for kickstarting a cultural revival amongst the minority communities living in the Japanese Empire by reintroducing media and art forms central to their original cultures that were forbidden by Japanese law. In terms of general unrest, Valravn intelligence has only noted a small increase in protests in the Japanese territories and most of these are mainly on economic issues. Valravn intelligence further notes that unhappiness with the Japanese regime has increased online but the chances of this spiraling into open revolt are close to zero.

In the aftermath of Operation Ragnarsdrápa, SCP-JP had originally reached out to the Valravn Corporation to supplement their forces in hunting for the so-called "traitorous" anomalies. However, the High Table2 declined after having a meeting with an agent of the Philippine branch of the foundation, known only as VERALTA.

The High Table voted 6-1 to sign an Accord with the Philippine branch. Once the terms of the deal were finalized, Valkyrie HQ was contacted to put send the"Vindsjamanar"6 to Osaka to retrieve the targets specified in the contract. The Valkyries were given the order that all SCP-JP Personnel were to be considered Acceptable Collateral Damage (ACD).

The target anomalies were dubbed D. orochi by the Biological Sciences division. Their species name was based on their original designation of SCP-7015-OROCHI. These anomalies resembled small quadrupedal lizards but with fiery orange scales around their brow ridges and chins. D. orochi also sported long orange whiskers from their nostrils and their bodies covered in green horny scales. They have been recorded as being able to grow as large as 152 meters in their adult state and breathe flames that register at 18,000 degrees Celsius. D. orochi also has the anomalous property of being able to fuse to become a multiple-headed beast, an ability that can use up to eight subjects.

The D. orochi specimens in SCP-JP's care are believed to be the last in existence, making this mission imperative to the Tyr Project that they be collected to be tamed for Project DRAGONRIDER.

Incident Overview:

The Vindsjamanar were deployed into Osaka on January 20th, with the operation planned to commence on January 22nd at which Site-87 was going to be understaffed due to a local celebration. Arriving by boat, the Vindsjamanar were given an apartment provided by SCP-PH to use as an operating base. VHQ provided 100,000 Japanese Yen, a variety of disguises, and technical equipment. The Vindsjamanar were briefed by their leader V-01 on the following information to make their plan of attack.

  • Site-87's location was unable to be obtained by SCP-PH, they only knew that it was within Osakan city limits.
  • SCP-PH did provide the address and information of a Researcher Hiromi Kadota who worked with the D. orochi anomaly.
  • Under no circumstances were the Valkyries to be captured or caught by the SCP Foundation. Each of them had been equipped with suicide runes to destroy any traces of them via thaumaturgy.

V-01 decided that V-02 would join her in tracking Kadota and retrieving the location of the Site. As for V-03 and V-04, V-04 suggested that the best way to attack Site-87 would be through a distraction. V-04's plan to do this would be to plant thaumaturgic bombs on one of the city's power plants. This would cut power to the Site and allow them to move under the cover of darkness. After consulting with VHQ who decided that any civilian casualties would be considered ACD, the plan was approved by V-01 and would be undertaken on the 21st after a day of performing reconnaissance for their specific assignments.

With their respective missions complete the Operation officially began on the 22nd of January. Within their operating base, the four Vindsjamanar performed a spell that detonated the runes placed inside the power plant. The resulting explosion, not only knocked out power around Site-87 in a five-block radius but diverted emergency personnel away from the operation's main location. In the darkness, the Vindsjamanar moved across the streets in civilian clothing and infiltrated the Butcher shop being used as a Foundation front. Inside, the four Valkyries eliminated four plain clothes Foundation agents and began to prepare to enter Site-78. They donned their helmets and armor and V-04 performed a thaumaturgic ritual that would render them invisible for twenty minutes.

V-04 would stay back and provide technical support. After hacking into their systems, V-04 was able to shut down their camera and get the layout of the facility but was unable to locate the specific holding cell of the D. orochi.

After readying their kit, the Vindsjamanar descended into the bowels of the Foundation Site, using the keycard they'd retrieved earlier to enter the Site. When they exited the elevator the backup generators had kicked in and the facility was on a level 1 alert. Still cloaked in V-04's thaumaturgy, they were able to sneak by the throngs of bustling researchers and guards. Directed by V-04 the squad made it into the holding cells where they began the search for the D. orochi specimens.

Traveling through the winding hallways and floors of the facility had taken their valuable twenty minutes leaving the Valkyries in the open when they entered the D. Orochi's holding cell. Unbeknownst to them, MTF Kappa-46 (Susanoo's Blades), were standing guard inside. The Vindsjamanar had no choice but to engage with the MTF in combat. Not much is known about Kappa-46 other than from the following footage that their units were equipped with never-before cataloged anomalous weaponry and thaumaturgic enhancements.

Afterward, the Vindsjamanar arrived back at their apartment to collect their gear and await extraction at the Osakan Harbor. Once a Valravn patrol ship had retrieved them, they were sent back to VHQ to receive medical treatment. As for the D. orochi specimens were sent to be fostered at a Tyr Project facility.

Aftermath: The Philippine branch of the Foundation informed us that SCP-JP believed that foreign insurgents were behind the attack on the power plant and Site-87. Power was eventually restored to the area but there was significant damage to the infrastructure and five workers lost their lives. The Valravn Corporation was not suspected of the incident at any point, maintaining our appearance as having held our part of the Cartagena Agreement.

VERALTA held up his end of the deal. Under the nose of the Japanese government, 80,000 copies of "Valkyrie: The Flight of the Shamans" were sold at stands before being shut down by Imperial censors. She informs us that more volumes are planned as the first one was well received. The texts also served their purpose of acting as Valravn propaganda tools. Rumors began to spread in SEA that they were based on a true story. According to Marketing, potential clients have begun to show interest in hiring us for additional strikes against the Japanese Empire.

Overall, the mission was a success, and our employers were more than pleased with the results. Three Valkyries were wounded in action but would return to active service in a week. Half of one SCP-JP MTF had been liquidated along with at least four researchers and five security personnel. The Tyr Project has been sent the combat data collected and new countermeasures for SCP-JP combat assets are being developed with the information provided by the Philippine Branch. We hope that this data bears fruit so our forces will be more effective in the field. As it stands now, Valkyrie HQ stands ready to assist Valravn in any infiltration operations in the region at a moment's notice.

Óðinn á yðr alla

V-01 "Tatakai"
Squad Leader of the Vindsjamanar

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