A Transcribed Collection of Haiku Graffiti from Site-42
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Life without a name
Perhaps you should be its friend
Life returns to death

Afloat in a lake
Monsters come in from the fog
So it floats in peace

Black White Yellow Red
The Hanged King above it all
Black White Yellow Red

Hate sealed in acid
Kill it as soon as we can
We are disgusting

All things are unclean
Pure water washes away
The world that we know

Visions of five sides,
Coven of mushroom eaters.
Can you trust your past?

Weapon of Vishnu
Chimpanzee in a trench coat
Gift from Lord Shiva

The room smells like shit
A neck snaps where no-one sees
Rain at Site-19

When a toilet says
Believe me, I've seen some shit
You should lock it up

Keep it a legend.
The burned one soars overhead.
What's your sacrifice?

Portrait of a man
We all die cold and alone
Forever in paint

A cold and grey death
Don't look too long or we'll see
A portrait of you

A city in song
The one that never belonged
We can help her heal

I'll speak not of it
Some forest; names are not safe
This is just karma

In the storm, she digs
Mother's love lasts forever
Now, then, we can rest

Lavender and death.
Does this doctor know what's best?
Were you ever well?

Friends from childhood
It's a small world after all
Careful what you read

A world of green dreams
You can expect a fair deal
Come back anytime

Two halves of the same
Look at all the friends I've made
Purpose forsaken

The primeval king
strikes a bargain for mankind
'till the black moon howls.

The first of many
Florida saves all the Earth
While he walks through walls

He played Elrond, right?
Why is he playing Kane's sled?
I want a refund!

To create greatness,
An artist must suffer well.
Gladly I endure.

This here is horse shit
And I can't stop eating it
Happy notdeath day

Once in a blue moon,
The world is in agreement.
The blue moon screeches

All life becomes death.
Green flourishes a farewell,
And then it doesn't.

I don't remember
what I was writing about
so I guess I'll stop

I'll do this later

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