A Sympathetic Thorn in the Side of the Bookburners

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A Sympathetic Thorn in the Side of the Bookburners 123

The Eurtec Resistance


The masses of Eurtec4 have risen up against their oppressors, the Bookburners, who would have them trampled below their lofty towers. Abandoned by their shepherds long ago, it has fallen upon the flock to resist; an incursion into the Bookburners' facilities was inevitable.

Having researched extensively the methods and madness of the Bookburners, we sought to break their hold on the city through the destruction of their technological vices and computational terminals. To an extent, we were successful, but heavy casualties, even with the assistance of other unbroken, have proven that even the Library is no match for the cruel hand of the Bookburners.



A fraction of a fraction of the Bookburners' computational might5. Note the presence of an unidentified thaumaturgic manifold on the left, the origin of which is unknown.


Traits: A computational network through which the Bookburners oversee every corner of the city. Even the contents of a closed book would not be safe from their All-Seeing Eye67, housed in a facility known to the uninitiated as the offices of MAGE Computing. Inside, however, defenses abound, with no shortage of thaumaturgic weaponry.

Nature: The Bookburners' hold on the city primarily derives from their control over the material city — countless eyes in the darkest corners and a chokehold on our bare essentials, be it food, water, or safety.

History & Associated Parties: Tensions have abounded in Eurtec for nearly half a century. The life of a citizen of the Blood District is one of pain and fear, contrasted greatly by the ever-increasing wealth and power of the Golden District. This strain is further imposed by the hand of the Bookburners, who persecute the anomalous and imprison all who oppose them.

Approach: We spent the greater part of a month researching the Bookburners' strengths and weaknesses, as well as rallying for the support of sympathizers in the Eurtec anomalous community. Even then, were woefully underprepared for the vast arsenal of anomalous weaponry at their supply.

Other Detail: We employed various artifacts and spells to remain undetectable to all guards and security systems when entering the facilities. However, the effects of these anomalies were negated by the All-Seeing Eye, resulting in the intervention of Bookburner strike teams. Acting in self-defense, we were forced to engage in direct combat, leading to numerous casualties8

Fortunately, we were ultimately capable of deactivating the All-Seeing Eye, buying us several weeks to organize the resistance into a full-scale uprising.

Observations & Stories

Prior to the raid, we came in contact with an ex-Bookburner operative by the name of Adrian Ross9. He proved to be vital as an informant, as his investigative reconnaissance skills proved crucial in developing plans for engagement.

Ross follows his own path, investigating the rubedo trade1011 of the Blood District. He has come to us for information, and just as easily, we have offered it to him — in exchange for his cooperation.

Several days after initial contact, Ross offered several classified documents to us as proof he had cut ties with the Bookburners. Of note are the following excerpts from his personal journal.

Third time's the charm — here's hoping the guards won't be on watch again. Then again, I heard they'd just finished installing a new thaumaturgical security system. No clue how they were able to get their hands on something like that, but hey, that's the least of my worries right now.

Last few days have been rough on me. Worked out that Jaiden was deployed to Eurtec, swept away on some sting operation involving smuggling and revolution. They say that the Serpent's Hand have been acquiring some alchemical substance to build bombs12 or something.
Looks like I'll be negotiating with terrorists13 now.

Considering their fearsome reputation, they've been surprisingly reasonable, deeming my search "noble". Of course, they still have their doubts — they need proof that I'm not yet another Coalition spy141516. Ended up giving them everything I had on Eurtec at a drop spot, but they only took files about the GOC's computing networks for whatever reason.
Soon enough, they'll get me in touch with the leaders of some Serpent's Hand-sympathizing rubedo gang17. From there, I'll have to work out the rest on my own.


It is worth mentioning the presence of thaumaturgical defense systems and weaponry utilized by the Bookburners. It is currently unknown how they acquired such resources, but it would suggest that they have been funded by an anonymous source.

Who this source is and what their motivations are remain unknown at the moment, but it is apparent that whoever that person or organization is, they have a vested interest in keeping the Coalition in power.

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