A Swingset's Song
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Here I am with metal arms; still and silent, knowing
Tracing back to rural farms; old and quiet, sowing
As a boy I learned I had; low and secret, power
Grew much older, good and bad; self-taught knowledge, flowered

A stronger frame gave me in life; skill and chances, schemer
Not coveting success or wife; no need for child, dreamer
I sought to be the one who gives; inspiration, wonder
Yet failed to be someone who lives; real life is hard, blunder

Setting out to shape my course; seek my own way, freedom
Using skills of phantom source; make well the world, feed them
Building wonders for the young; my calling found, completed
The accidental trap is sprung; blood and failure, seeded

I failed three times, abysmal; alone and guilty, tragic
Knowing that my ledger's full; red from misuse, magic
A final use symbolically; an overcharge, of strength
Break my light equivocally; contorting death, its length

Slumbering in playground bed; a friend is made, he listens
Holding on to what I've shed; fear glittering, it glistens
Betrayed and given up to some; sequestered far, contained
Friendship with an odd machine; not ending well, restrained

No understanding comes with this: some accidents, alarmed
I give out one last Christmas gift; your colleague's here, unharmed
They give up hope just like I did; forgotten long, so still
Until the end times knock the world; unmerciful, to kill

Eons pass and here I stay; my only friends, are rubble
Calling out the only way; with broken light, my bubble
A guilty lighthouse in the dark; dying planet, shattered
A voice replies, a shining arc; will this one think, I mattered?

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