A Sunny Day at the Clockwork Gallery

Welcome to the Clockwork Gallery! Three sections are now available, please enjoy your stay. Support the artist here.

Section 1: Contained

SCP-2481 - Kill the Suns


This ancient kingdom aspire to slay gods. Hear the story from its lone surivior.

Features: Historical, tragic, forgotten.

SCP-2711 - 定海神针 如意金箍棒


A legendary artifact discovered in a lake. What mysteries lie beneath?

Features: Mythical, metallic, enlightened.

SCP-2732 - 《缢王本纪》


Uncovered the lost history of a king through this eccentric play. But be wary.

Features: Historical, artistic, eldritch.

SCP-2847 - Yu the Great, and the Immortal


What pityful souls reside on this great abyss of iron? Is the cause already lost?

Features: Metallic, heroic, corrupted.

Other Displays:

Section 2: Narrative

I Wrote a Tale


A great experience with the Megaprime. Please let It in. You may realize the need for the Great Computation.

Features: Divine, broken, confused.

He Was Blind and Deaf on a Sunny Day


Ever ended up in a place, and your memory escaped you? Ever feel overwhelming pain and unceasing hunger? Come and find out what had really happened.

Features: Cold, hungry, painful.

The Iron Wolf


"The Iron Wolf lurks in the dark, its teeth pale and sharp. To the Flock of Flesh it watches, catching Lambs of Meat by its claws."

Features: Metallic, wild, altered.

The Day of the Dragon


In an alternative timeline, things may be very different. As the dragon descends, what are the last thoughts of the Karcist?

Features: Alternative, contradictory, divine.

The Maker and the Beast


Upon the Great Abyss, the Maker of Machines and the God Eater met. Fascinating.

Features: Divine, ancient, broken.

About the Serpent


Strange tales from a remnant of the past. What are the truth, and what are mere stories?

Features: Mythical, historical, ancient.

Of Dragons and Serpents


Worship the dragon. Worship two dragons. Worship a pair of dragons. Find out what great beasts our parents are.

Features: Divine, poetic, broken, trapped.

Why is Five afraid of Seven?


Dark clouds gather at the sky; a circle of void appear under the ocean. And then, there was none.

Features: Dark, empty, void.

Party of Gods


Gods throwing a party. Yep, they do this all the time.

Features: Divine, hilarious, joyful.

And so the Crows Laughed


Taking you back to the old traditional where people hang their overthrown king! Also, you might want to pay attention to the crows.

Features: Cursed, suffering, hanged, avian.

Midnight Parade


A revery that goes on even as the midnight comes. In fact it does not end. Don't try to escape it.

Features: Fun, endless, masked.


The Clock Shall Strike Again


Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick tock.

Features: Undefined, timeless, chaotic.


Basic Observations


Dive deep into the Maxwellist network! Connect the minds as a new world unfolds!

Features: Digital, basic, hidden.


Flow Hub

Description: Gallery within a gallery. Art about anart. Co-authored with Perelka_LPerelka_L.

Features: Artistic, creative, fluid.

Other Displays:

Section 3: Visual


Black and White Art Hub

Description: The biggest visual collection in the gallery! It's constantly growing, and devoid of colors.

Features: Artistic.


GOI Ball Comics

Description: Have some fun! The comics are not as memetic or hazardous as the other exhibits.

Features: Fun, fun, fun.


SCP Buns

Description: SCP but buns.

Features: Bun, bun, bun.

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