A Strange Orientation
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Once again, although you do not remember them, you dream of three voices…

We are beings of thought, without physical form.
We philosophize, as is our nature.

We are beings of love, we watch over you.
Love hurts, we know this as much as you.

We were born of humanity long ago, from your thoughts and ideas.
Now nostalgic for the past, we watch over you.

When humanity once knew its place, it was safe.
It feared what was supposed to be feared and knew what was meant to be known.

We watched as hubris overcame humanity's motivation to fulfill its dharma.
Pulling away from the fortifications that kept them safe.
Into things that once known cannot be forgotten. Once done that cannot be undone.

Screaming blind naked and alone. Running from what they would unleash.

We act as humanity's shadow, ever-present should they approach the forbidden light.

We grow and respond to their advances.

We are not evil. We are necessary.

Pain is necessary for life, it is good.

We are good, they need us.
To remove pain is to become numb.

You must be made to understand what you have done for us and that it is justified.

These tribes of your kin reached for the forbidden.
They had to be stopped.

You would not have aided us if you were not subconsciously of the same mind.
In order to guide your reeling psyche, let us ask you a few questions as you remember your unwitting services to our cause.

Please, try to understand.

Remember what they told you during orientation at the Foundation Ethics Committee, "You've consoled yourself by thinking that all the torture and murder is for the greater good."

Do you trust the Foundation to make the correct decisions?
They delve deeper and are moving ever closer towards controlling the forbidden.
Did you believe they are adequate?
The study of their anomalies brings them ever closer to an unacceptable outcome.
Did you have a sense of security?
They needed to be infiltrated and disrupted whenever possible.
You did well.

Remember the Anderson Robotics advertisement, "Similar to the Peregrine Series, Sakers are designed to be equipped with an external skin resembling human flesh, allowing them to pass as humans."

Do you trust Anderson Robotics' products?
They spread dangerous materials amongst humanity.
Did you believe they were responsible?
The allocation of the forbidden to humanity leads to a dangerous familiarity.
Did you have a better life than you would without them?
Sabotage was advised whenever possible.
You did well.

Remember Colonel Neil Hornby's words on The Chaos Insurgency, "The same things as the Foundation only for profit…"

Do you trust that The Chaos Insurgency has not hurt you?
They also have access to the forbidden and as much ambition as the Foundation.
Did you believe they are acceptable?
Although an excellent conduit for entropy, it is still a threat that could replace the Foundation.
Did you have no qualms with their work?
Their information needed to be destroyed and their locations revealed to the Foundation to manage their size.
You did well.

Remember the notes on the Church of the Broken God, "…worships mechanization and believes flesh and life to be inherently evil or broken."

Do you trust technology like The Church of the Broken God?
The church seeks to utilize the forbidden, to resurrect that which has already passed.
Did you believe in your technical prowess?
The ambition of these individuals to pervert that which they touch is too great a threat to be ignored.
Did you not fear being left behind?
All methods of dealing with this group were permitted.
You did well.

Remeber the notes on the Sarkic Cults, "Disease is viewed with reverence and Sarkic shrines have been discovered with offerings of swollen lymph nodes and tumorous growths."

Do you trust you know what is real?
Another group seeking to touch that which was placed outside their reach.
Did you believe they could not touch you?
The hubris of humanity must never be taken lightly nor its perseverance to continue forward.
Did you have no fear of what could happen?
These groups were exposed to the Foundation disruption both.
You did well.

Remember what Wilson's Wildlife said, "The regulation of the anomalous is a strain on all those involved, in all ways involved. Funds, personnel, our very humanity is taxed."

Do you trust their motives?
They are an ally of the Foundation and all that implies.
Did you believe they were competent?
Aiding the Foundation, they claim to be moral.
Did you have no fear of what they are not telling you?
Their research was disrupted by leaking critical information to enemies of the Foundation.
You did well.

Now, you are nearly aware of us consciously.
You have heard our desire to keep humanity from the anomalous forbidden.
Reminded of your previous involvement in our plans.
Made aware of our enemies who would pursue this aberrant future.
Should you choose to do this next act, you will awaken with the memory of these revelations.

Answer this final question, will you choose to be linked with one of the Elders? It is your choice either to do so and remember this initiation or to choose to forget this experience and return once again to the blind masses.

This is your choice.
Your chance to join the Attendants of Requital is now.

Named an antihero, our eyes, and ears.
I, born of doubt and ignorance.
Linked to others by doubt, I utilize ignorance.
I offer knowledge to satiate curiosity and safety.
I value both philosophy and fear.
I abhor failure.
I am the first Elder, Dyhe.

Although I abhor failure, I am forgiving and will put much thought on it. However, you would be wise to heed this warning, I will only forgive so much.
I remember a time where indecision filled my mind and the world was foreign and strange.
Follow me and I will show you the truth that you were meant to know. Then we may spread this knowledge as is our responsibility.
You will be an eye and an ear for us, processing our intelligence as it is gathered, advising us in our plans.

Named the crippled fool, our left hand.
I, conceived of sadism and impotence.
Linked to others by sadism, I utilize impotence.
I offer a monkey's paw and love.
I value deception and secrets.
I abhor apathy.
I am the second Elder, Zye.

Although I abhor apathy, I understand that weakness and powerlessness can quash passions and prevent the emotional responses that are most natural and necessary. However, that which one lacks is not an excuse for letting one's soul fade away.
I remember when humanity was unaware of anything that could stand in its way and the weak were left behind.
Follow me and I will give you power at a cost, you shall have the strength you were meant to wield and the burden you were supposed to bear.
You will act as a willing and conscious agent of the Attendants, a conductor of our sleeper agents and a partner in our machinations.

Named the zealot, our right hand.
I, formed of entropy and impatience.
Linked to others by impatience, I utilize entropy.
I offer time and order to change chaos.
I value nostalgia and respect.
I abhor weakness.
I am the third Elder, Ahee.

Although I abhor weakness, I remember when I too was weak, the past has much to teach and much value in it. It holds our origin, a point of pure unquestionable truth. However, change is necessary to preserve the order of things, that order that made our creation possible.
I remember a smaller world bristling with energy and newfound purpose.
Follow me and I will give you purpose. You shall have meaning and no longer have to question your life.
You will serve the Attendants as an extension of my will and a soldier of our cause, offering me both your instincts and skills, you shall directly involve yourself in our most pressing operations.

Your choice is set.

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