A Star In The Night Sky
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Oh so long ago,
When I first took shape,
I was alone in a sea of heat and chaos.
But I was warm.
I was safe.

Blank, shifting orange.
But no shape took form.

In those times, I knew not what I was.
but I felt curiosity in that comforting warmth,
So I wandered the orange.
For a long.
It was then that I noticed another.
A figure much like I.
But also.

Her name was Sauelsuesor.
And she was my sister.

Unlike me, she had opened her eyes
And for all the time I had been walking,
She had been watching.

And she showed me what she saw.

There were dead rocks and rings of dust.
Empty stars glowing distantly.

She said that there had been others.
Others like us.

The twinkling lights so far away…
She said that for a long time, she would talk with them.
That she would just pick a voice in the sea of many.

But she said that the voices began to grow quiet.
And that eventually, they were gone.

She says that now, all we see,
Are empty stars glowing distantly.
Long dead explosions slamming themselves against us.

From a destruction just beyond our twinkling skies.

But there was hope.
She said that she had protected us.
That she had protected them.
The worlds in front of us held defensively in her cupped hands.

I looked out and saw nothing but empty rocks
And a hopeless night.

That's when she showed me you.
A silent jewel of blue and green,
Life among the bleak stillbirth.

It was then when I laid eyes on you.
It was then that I was given purpose.

Now that I had awoken,
my sister left.

She descended, to watch over you.
To talk to you and give you hope.

She told me of all you did.
Some things good,
Some things bad.

But always, always beautiful.
Our single child,
Clasped firmly in our loving arms.

Trouble has finally washed upon our hidden shores.

And now.

I am reminded of all that.

Of your beauty.

Of all that you have done.

All you could have done.

I don't know everything.

But I know what I was meant to do.

What we were meant to do.

We are the last.

And fade quietly into that inky void, we shall not.

I am a Star of the Night Sky.

So watch me shine one final time.

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