Track 3: Uh...
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Hey Umiko! Why don’t you write anything? What is it you do again? -Rosa

Uh… I write song, sometimes. Here I write one down now. -Umiko

Why don’t you sing it? Can you sing, bro? -Brook

Uh…Yes! I am very good singer! -Umiko

What’s the song called? -Rosa

Uhhh… -Umiko


By Umiko


Yeah, yeah, okay-oh, yeah
Yeah, yeah lets go
Okay good, okay yeah, yeah-oh
Yeah that’s great, alright, good
Good you song
Very nice

God, you’re gonna blow your cover! Come on! Think of something! Anything!

Verse 1

Umiko knows a human
I saw him one day
He was skinny and far away
Actually no he wasn’t human
He was in a box
And I didn’t see him in
It had lots of locks
To keep away other humans

That’s an interesting rhyme scheme, Umiko. -Brook
It is Japanese rhyming. -Umiko
I thought you were from Hawaii? -Rosa
Uhhh… -Umiko

He had an ugly face
But you only hear that
You never see that
You just read that
It was a secret
If you see that he would have to kill you
He come and find you



Repeat X 10

Woah, what a weird tempo. Let me get my keyboard out. Let’s see, time signature? - Brook
Uh… 142? - Umiko
Really? And what? - Brook
…8? - Umiko
Klavierstücke? What the fück? Stockhausen? Umiko do you have a girlfriend? - Brook
Aaah! - Umiko

Keyboard Solo

Verse 2

There’s also a business
But the business makes friends
Gets all in their business
Makes business girlfriends
Imagine a business is flirting with you
What would it say?
How may I help you?

Wow! That’s a pretty good American accent! -Rosa
I practice good! How you like song, eh? -Umiko
Really? That’s it? We don’t want any short songs on the EP. -Brook
…y-yes! There’s one more! -Umiko

Verse 3

In my home province, they got the flu
Except it wasn’t the flu
It was something new
The people all scared, what would they do?
We asked wise woman, but wise woman slinky
She was twisty and stewed
Wise woman twisted all over the house
Her neighbors too

Okay that’s a little gory Umi… -Rosa
Is only allegory! -Umiko
Oh! For what? -Rosa
…Communism! -Umiko
Right on! -Brook

Ending Verse

There once was secret agent man
Sent to the beach with master plan
Stop crazy kooks from causing a fus
In their little volkswagen bus

But in the end he knew
That he was part of it too
And that he would sail into the sea
That is where he would always be

Ah that’s sweet, Umiko. -Rosa
Huh? It’s nothing. I made the last part up. -Umiko

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