A Love so Forbidden it's Unknowable
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In an unrecorded history, before there were enough people to warrant names, there were two lovers. These two were in possession of love great that no natural force could separate them. Those who saw these lovers, however, viewed their connection with nothing but an unreasonable revulsion. The people knew that nothing they could do could separate the two lovers, so they enlisted the help of a spellcaster with great powers to put an end to their love.

In a land betrayed by its sun, where all that lives has melted into waxy amalgamations, there is a girl whose skin does not meet the star's light. As she walks around the landscape she can't help but think to herself, "Why?" She stumbles across a large structure, the familiar three letters tell her its purpose. While she walks through the site, chills shoot down her spine each time she passes by one of the foreboding steel doors, now open, showing empty rooms. She continues until she meets the first unopened door, the number above it reads 055. Her hand reaches to try the handle, it's unlocked. She walks into the room and sees a briefcase with a note attached, "Take to SCP-579." As she grabs the case she is filled with purpose. With a goal in mind, she walks on.

Having devised a plan believed to be infallible, the powerful spellcaster laid a powerful curse on one of the lovers. This curse caused all to forget about the lover, all memories of them left the minds of others, including the other lover. The spellcaster believed he had succeeded at driving the lovers apart. however, he was in shock when only a few days later he saw the two lovers together. The lover was always with the other lover to constantly remind them of their love. With the curse no longer working, the spellcaster set to devise a new plan.

In a land untouched by death and all the worst for it. Where what seemed like youth was actually the powerful, able to buy their way into a comfortable immortality, and those who couldn't were left to wither away, never gifted their escape. There was a man, made of un-rusting metal, spared from the devastation the passage of time delivered. As he walked with a hood over his head to hide his abnormal body, he thought to himself, "Why?" As he walked, he came across an alleyway. Within the alley, he saw a shriveled, atrophied man, in his hands a briefcase. The metal man moved closer to the old man when he heard him say something so quiet he had to get closer. "Take it, take it please." The old man held the briefcase to the metal man, and he hesitated before he grabbed it. Upon taking it, he is filled with purpose. He knows where he must go, he walks on.

His first plan failing, the spellcaster began thinking up a new curse to use to separate the two lovers. After days of pondering he came upon a curse so devious, his mouth twisted into a vicious grin, and his laugh grew to a self-satisfied uproar. Soon after spellcaster deployed his new curse, now, all who viewed the other lover would suffer an incomprehensible fate, one worse than even death. The lover, scared for their safety, fled far away desperately looking for a way around the curse. In the lover's absence, the other lover slowly forgot of them, a sense of loneliness now filled them, exacerbated by the solitude forced onto them by their curse. The two lovers were now separated, the spellcaster had won.

In a land entombed in silence, where people had grown distant for there was no language to bridge them together. There was a man, as silent as the rest, who would travel elsewhere every now and then. Where he went, he could not choose, nor could he bring others without putting them in danger. Before, he would tell his stories of other lands, but, now he couldn't tell anyone about his travels. he would just stand and wait for the next trip, where he would be just as alone, just as silent. He thought to himself, "Why?" On one of his trips back, he arrived in an unfamiliar room, in it, a briefcase. He looked inside and would keep forgetting what was in it every time he closed it. Eventually, he would stop, and keep it closed, for he now knew what he had to do. He sits down waiting for his next trip, for the door is locked, and he can't plea for it to open. He waits on.

Years, decades, and centuries pass, the bodies of the two lovers decay and turn into bone then dust. Now dead, they were immune to the curses of the spellcaster but couldn't see each other still. An organization later swooped in locking the other lover in a windowless, doorless room, and the other in a briefcase in their own room, far away. The group of people would later realize something about the lovers even they weren't aware of and would place a symbol onto the briefcase. The symbol would tell any who took it where it must go, where they must travel. The journey would always be fatal, the traveler always falling to the other lover's curse. The souls of the two lovers, finally reunited, would join and show a love that survived eternity. They would see the sacrifice of the traveler, and cry for them. With their immeasurable love for each other, the two lovers would make their own sacrifice, and set the world that brought the traveler back and leave it untouched by tragedy. However, Tragedies would keep coming, and while sad, each tragedy would serve to reunite the lovers over and over again, to them these tragedies were the most blessed things two lovers could hope for.

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