A Poem for Nobody
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It wasn't his drink from the party
Where the tranquilizers were hid,
The cocktail on the cocktail napkin
Is what gently closed the lid.

What's one more reveler out cold
In a culture of thrills and excess?
The Spring Cleaning Partnership
Was there to clean up the mess.

"Nobody's going to find this skip,
Nobody's going to care."
Truer words were never said:
Nobody was already there.

Nobody struck without warning,
And somebody fell to the ground,
The agents tried to defend their prize,
But Nobody won this round.

He woke to a note on his nightstand:
"The next time you're out, take care."
One minute, Nobody stood in the hall,
The next, nobody was there.

Everybody needs help sometimes,
And Nobody answers the call,
Everybody has to be Nobody once,
Or nobody will be at all.

—Discovered in the uniform pocket of Agent ████████ after failed retrieval attempt of SCP-████

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