Business as Usual
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On weekends, people ask me how my week was.

This week was simply business as usual.

On Monday I oversaw an operation to examine a strange creature in a young girl's abdomen.

It was remarkable. It generated an antibiotic more potent than any modern medicine can create. The creature had latched on to the female's spinal cord between the T12 and L1 vertebrae. It had entrenched itself into it, melding its blood vessels and nervous system to hers. It was a difficult operation to remove it, but we managed it. The creature would revolutionize the medical industry, if we could perfect and synthesize the antibiotics. We moved the creature into the ICU. We disposed of the body. She was pretty, but she had served her purpose.

On Tuesday I researched the effects of SCP-078 on schizophrenic patients.

There were four trials, each with a different test subject: an elderly male and female, and a young male and female. I was interested in seeing what happens to the effects of 078 when exposed to a damaged psyche. Of course, death was always an outcome, but if a few hours of clear data was recorded, any end to the test subjects would have been worth it. The young male and female were particularly interesting. We have a clear recording of their descent into apathy and depression. One subject, the female, found ways of self-mutilation using only her fingernails. We were eventually forced to euthanize all four. A pity - the data we got from them were important to our research.

On Wednesday I lobotomized a human subject who was exposed to SCP-215.

It was irritating. We had to restrain him on the table while we were conducting the operation. He kept screaming and struggling, making my cuts ragged and unprofessional. Such a shame, but the samples we retrieved showed significant evidence of mental trauma, as well as some other unidentified anomalies. He may never speak again or play the piano, but he'll live. An IV drip would be a simpler way of gaining nutrients.

There were no tests or experiments on Thursday.

I had to go to a mandatory psychological examination. I don't understand the point of this. I'm perfectly fine. I have so many more tests to conduct.

On Friday I injected a test subject with SCP-742.

There was nothing truly out of the ordinary today. It was more of a whim that I did this test, but testing is something I live for. The young girl, about 8 I suspect, was very patient and willing. Of course she screamed when we stuck the needle in her arm - any young child would. We waited the normal incubation time, and then began the tests. We started with small animal in a cage. Within minutes the subject grabbed it and sucked it dry. From there we moved on to larger prey: a rabbit, small dog, and a cat. Although it seemed she would take them, she wasn't satisfied. I was interested. I wanted to see how she would react to a human subject, so I decided to wait until her next scheduled feeding session. When the orderly brought in the usual small animal, I locked the door behind him so he could not run. (Why would he, anyway? This was for science! For the good of the world! He should be honored.) He screamed unnecessarily loudly. The test subject rejected the animal and went straight for the orderly, feeding quickly. The data was interesting, certainly worth more than the disposable orderly.

Some would call my week insane and unnecessarily extreme. But why is that?

It's simply business as usual.

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