A Lullaby for Anderson Robotics
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Move fast and break things.
Soft and pink, the tatters gleam.
From this shattered city, let’s
Build a world peace machine.

We’ll give it eyes and ears and voices—
A billion each, and satellite.
Have it hold my hand, my vices.
Have it right my path at night.

We’ll give it wings and blades and wheels,
Fingers, feet, and gyroscopes,
Autonomy, to some degree,
To carry me down slippery slopes.

We’ll give it books and drawings, time,
My face, my words, to analyze.
Let it serenade and mine
My shadow self, an enterprise.

Propriety impeccable,
Let guard against their blackbox terror
Coin-operated sentinels
Blinded to inhuman error.

Dream machine and data monger,
This Icarian benediction
Burgeons, sprawls. It lives no longer
In the realm of science fiction.

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