A Holiday Appeal
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A Holiday Appeal

Good Evening, this is O5-7 with a Public Service Announcement. Here in the United States and abroad, SCPs are starving and homeless, but you can help by sponsoring an SCP through the Christian SCP Fund. For less than a dollar a day, your contribution can:

— Provide SCP-053 with the clothes she needs to go to school.

— Keep SCP-682’s containment tank full of Hydrofluoric Acid.

— Feed a Pufferkitten for a month.

When you sponsor an SCP, we’ll send you its picture and Containment Report. You may write to your SCP whenever you wish, and quarterly progress reports let you see how your sponsorship is helping.

Please give. Think of the Pufferkittens.

Disclaimer: The Christian SCP Fund is not responsible for:

— Injuries sustained while visiting Euclid and Keter-level SCPs.

— Memetic effects of letters from your SCP.

— Mental disturbances caused by a picture of your SCP eating a [REDACTED].

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