A Fan's Fans
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"What is it?"

"It's a mechanical fan that has the ability to play the electric guitar, sir."

"Ha ha, does it blow you away when it plays?"

"Yes, sir."

"Mentally or physically?"

"Both sir, its musical talent with an electric guitar is unparalleled. However, it also produces a wind velocity of 90kph when playing."

"I was joking, but that's actually pretty funny. Anything else I need to know?"

"The fan has fans, sir."

"People fans or mechanical fans?"

"Both, sir. It has a large following of people who appreciate its music, but it also has a collection of mechanical fans."

"Okay, give them a Class-B amnestic and call it a day."

"The people fans or the mechanical fans, sir?"

"Give the people fans the amnestic and contain the mechanical fans. You think you'll have trouble doing it?"

"It should be a breeze, sir."

"A breeze created by the fan that prevents you from carrying out the order?"

"No I meant it should be an easy job, sir."

"Good, glad that's sorted out. Now to deal with the running refrigerator in Sector-118."

"Sir, do you mean the refrigerator is physically sprinting or do you mean it is a workin-"

"—Don't even start."

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