A Destined Encounter
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The Saint walked towards the peak. The stars dazzled above him, like a chandelier in the pitch black night. They were all going to come, sooner or later. They were all going to be there, at the top. He reached the apex of the mount. At the other side, he saw three people on crosses. He did not pay attention to them. They were human. Beneath his notice. Much like nearly everything else in these barren lands of Golgotha. He glanced over his shoulder, looking at a cat that was walking up the Mount. He thought it was beneath his notice. It had the eyes of a man, but no mouth. For a moment, the Saint felt it peered into his mind, in some way. That it affected him. But he swooped these thoughts away. The cat could not be of his notice, could it?

The cat came up the mountain,and reached the peak. It saw the men on the crosses. For a moment, the Saint felt it could understand what had led to their fate. Could it be, that this cat was of his notice? The cat turned around, and stared at him, with its big, humanoid eyes. The Saint felt the little creature could peek into his soul. Within its eyes, he saw horrors untold. He was sure, it was of his notice. He was relieved. There had been no creature of his notice in this dark universe. He did not care about the stars. He did not care about the hanged. He did not care about the men of three arrows. He did not care about the machine. But for this creature, he cared. The cat sat beside him. For the first time, the Saint felt a feeling. A human feeling. That this cat understood him. That he understood the cat. That they could be peers.

Maybe this world was vaster than he thought.

The cat sat beside him, and they peered at the stars. They could feel each vibration, each single burst of energy emitted. They saw the constellations wage war on each other. The Scorpio hunted Orion. It would do so, forever. The Saint looked at the cat ‘s eyes again. He saw a crying mother. Bloodshed, death, revival. Lands far away from the barren periphery of the Mount. What other wonders did these lands have? What other adventures awaited this creature? He patted the cat on the head. They looked over to the horizon, and saw the dawn of the sun. The waves sparkled with its rising. This world was vast, vaster than he thought.

He showed the cat what he had seen. Men which he did not care about.

They who roamed the streets of Chicago like spectres. They who let their art go wild and free. They who jailed the weird. They who destroyed the weird. They who strived to rebuild a machine. They who only valued profit, selling to friend or foe. The cat told him. It told him that they were human, too. That their hearts beat with fresh blood, that they lived, they laughed, they loved, they hated. That he should care about them, as they cared for their god. The Saint thought about it. After all, they gave their blood for their lord. A man searched years just to reach him at the gala.

Maybe, just maybe, he should’ve cared more about them.

The world is faster than he thought, after all.

He turned towards the cat, which was leaving. He waved goodbye, and the cat responded. It vanished into a blue light. The Saint hoped he would see it again. He liked the cat ‘s company.

He got up, and set foot for the gala. It’d be rude not to go, after all.

And man? He had no idea of what effect this simple, random encounter, would have on his future.

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