A Bed That Grows Arms and Deals Drugs
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Researcher Chen,
Down on his luck,
Took a deep breath,
And bellowed out, 'FUCK!'

He slammed the door,
To his own room,
Dark clouds hung 'bove,
Such doom and gloom!

With a loud groan,
He lay in bed,
Heard deep laughter…
…Felt trickling dread…

From out the corners,
Came two arms!
They gave 👍;
And meant no harm.

Of course, Chen gawked,
How could he not?
But would it stop him?
If he got caught!

Clutched in one hand,
Was a baggie,
Of jumbled wonders!
Sandy and craggy!

"Wanna get high?"
The hands did sign,
In no time at all,
Chen did a line!

At first, he coughed,
Then his nose bled,
Then he woke up,
In his old shed,

The bed was there,
Just like before!
Despite it all…
"Do you want more?"

The hands presented,
Thin white strips,
Placed 'pon Chen's tongue,
Just the tip.

Chen's sight turned orange,
He went, 'AAAHHHH!!!!'
Oh, the bed's plans,
It had no flaws,

Chen next woke up,
Upon his roof,
His eyes both red,
And half-aloof.

"How 'bout I give you,
One last gift?
It's green, and stinks,
But goes down swift!"

The bed produced,
A small glass phial,
Liquid green,
And a stench…vile…

Within the fluids,
Bounced green threads,
Thick and clumpy…
They looked…dead…

Oh…oh, goodness…

"Bottoms up!"
Bed's fingers snapped,
As thunder roared,
And lightning clapped.


…that's what you get,
For trusting a skip,
You piss for brains.

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