SCP-835, Uncensored
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This document requires Level 4 Clearance and authorization for Need-to-Know under CODE TRITON VICTOR BLUE. If you do not possess the necessary security clearances, please close this document immediately and report the security breach to the Records and Information Security Administration.

Thank you.

— Maria Jones, Director, RAISA

Item #: SCP–835

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-835 is to be monitored and checked daily for new growth. In the event SCP-835 becomes hostile, Suppression Tactic A-A6 is to be immediately implemented until aggressive action ceases. Containment area must be maintained in open ocean, due to the highly aggressive response of SCP-835 to confinement for any length of time.

Waste issued by SCP-835 must be immediately collected and contained. Feeding of SCP-835 is to take place twice daily, to consist of any form of local aquatic species. Feedings should be supervised at all times, and no unscheduled feedings of SCP-835 are to take place for any reason. Should SCP-835 enter a “rage” state, higher level mammals may be issued as a food supply, up to and including Homo sapiens. SCP-835 has shown high levels of docility when digesting higher level mammalian life, and recommendation for the issuing of this form of food has been approved for use during testing phases. SCP-835 may be moved to a new location twice yearly, provided that the current location is no longer capable of supporting SCP-835, and the move has been approved by Site Command.

Staff are to remain at least five yards away from SCP-835. Anyone working near SCP-835 must have safety lines attached to recall winches. Contact with SCP-835 will result in the immediate recall of all staff, and implementation of Suppression Tactic A-A6. Should contact result in full capture of a staff member, SCP-835 is to be monitored constantly until the release of the subject.

Description: SCP-835 appears to be a large mass of coral-like polyps weighing ████ tons. The individual polyps are larger than any known coral species, growing to more than one meter in diameter in some cases. The central mass is roughly oval shaped, with a very large (3 meter diameter) polyp at each “end”. SCP-835 is incapable of locomotion, and appears to anchor itself with the large tentacles projected from the SCP-835 polyps. These are also used in feeding, and are coated with a sticky adhesive substance. The tentacles are also quite strong, and have been shown to be capable of damaging plate steel.

The “coral” of SCP-835 is extremely hard, requiring high-powered diamond drills to collect even small samples. SCP-835 also grows at a very accelerated rate, capable of adding 50lbs of mass every day. SCP-835 is susceptible to many chemicals, which cause SCP-835 to “seal up” and halt all growth for 24 hours, prompting the development and use of Suppression Tactic A-A6. Testing has shown that SCP-835 appears to be made from basic human biological components, with the shell being formed from super-dense calcium, the “caps” that cover the polyps coated with tooth enamel, and the tentacles appearing to be formed from mutated tongue cells. Most human biological systems are present, however many (neurological, lymphatic, circulatory, etc.) show extreme mutation and atrophy. The digestive and reproductive systems appear both highly developed and linked, with both feces and semen being collected and ejected from the same “chamber”.

SCP-835 emits a large mass of semi-liquid material several times a day from the large polyps on each “end”. This appears to be made of semi-digested solids, fecal material, and semen. This mass also has several forms of virus, bacteria, and parasites, many of which have been found only within SCP-835. The bacterium 835-I5 forms the major concern for containment, due to its role in the reproductive cycle of SCP-835. Vertebrate animals infected with SCP-835-I5 will undergo the following symptoms:

  • Increased weight gain (10-20lbs a day on average)
  • Constant hunger
  • Urge to consume normally unpleasant/unpalatable items (Raw meat, organs, grass, wood)
  • Hardening/calcification of the skin
  • Formation of polyps on the skin
  • Rapid reduction in intelligence and mobility
  • Increased aggression
  • Urge to enter sea water
  • Atrophy of many major biological systems

End stage infection appears to convert the subject into an additional instance of SCP-835. Attempts to determine what, if any, intelligence remains have been inconclusive; however SCP-835 appears to have a limited amount of awareness. 835-I5 has shown a very high infectivity rate, with 68% of all infected subjects progressing to end stage. There is no form of treatment or antibiotic that has been shown to halt or reverse the effects of 835-I5. This, coupled with the extremely hard “shell” of SCP-835, form a major obstacle to neutralization. Any force capable of “cracking open” SCP-835 would also cause the “slurry” inside to spread, and cause additional infection from 835-I5.

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