SCP-6000 - Loss
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ITEM #: SCP-6000




Assigned Site


Site Director

Dr Michael Clarke

Research Head

Dr Eliza Terris

Assigned MTF


Special Containment Procedures:
As SCP-6000 has already exhibited its effects on reality as a whole, containment is unnecessary. Further investigation into SCP-6000, led by Head Researcher Eliza Terris, is ongoing.

SCP-6000 refers to certain elements of the concept of 'nature'; more specifically, it refers to their apparent removal from baseline reality. The full extent of SCP-6000's effects is yet to be determined, and the discovery of the circumstances behind the event of its removal (designated SCP-6000-1) is considered high priority.

The concept of 'nature', while not inherently anomalous, has been designated SCP-6000-A due to its association with SCP-6000.

SCP-6000 was discovered on 24/8/57, following the discovery of numerous errors within Site-01 as reported by Harpocrates.aic, an Artificial Intelligence Construct (AIC) responsible for monitoring information within Site-01's database, and flagging any detected discrepancies.

Harpocrates.aic reported the presence of hundreds of billions of errors within Site-01's database that had been present for an unknown period of time. These errors had gone unnoticed due to strong antimemetic properties1, only recently detectable due to Harpocrates.aic's recent update to v5.6, which featured breakthrough technology for the detection of antimemes.

Of the large amounts of erroneous data that was detected, only ~5% was feasibly translatable, while the excess is impossible to transcribe with current technology. As of 27/10/57, ~7% of the translatable data has been deciphered, 99% of which is corrupted beyond recognition or otherwise impossible to understand. Of the legible 1% that has been translated, a brief list can be found below of findings related to SCP-60002:

Current Definitional Components of SCP-6000-A:

  • The basic or inherent features, character, or qualities of something.
  • The innate or essential qualities or character of a person.
  • Inborn characteristics as an influence on or determinant of personality.
  • [ARCHAIC] A person of a specified character.

Current Affected Definitional Components of SCP-6000-A:

  • The innate or essential qualities or character of a person or [DATA MISSING]
  • Inborn or [DATA MISSING] characteristics as an influence on or determinant of personality
  • The phen[DATA MISSING]cal world collectively, including plants3, [DATA MISSING]ther features and products of the Earth, as opposed to human or human creations
  • The physical for[DATA MISSING]nd regulating the phenomena of the world.

Discovered Concepts Related to SCP-6000:

  • 'Plant' - unknown concept.
  • 'Biology' - the examination and study of the 'physiology' of a human entity.
  • 'Physiology' - the study of how living organisms or 'bodily parts' function.
  • 'Bodily Parts' - unknown in the context of 'physiology'
  • 'Genetics' - the study of 'inhereited traits', passed down via [DATA MISSING].
  • 'Inherited Traits' - unknown concept related to 'genetics'.
  • 'DNA' - an abbrevation of the term 'Deoxyribonucleic Acid'. It is currently unknown what the purpose of this substance was.


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