SCP-6000 - Everything Dies, Baby, That's a Fact
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Item #: SCP-6000

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The property on which SCP-6000 is located has been purchased and secured as Site-47. The security detail assigned to SCP-6000 is to be disguised as employees of a civilian timber corporation.

EDITED 03/04/2020: Following inc.6000.6 the Site Director's Council has ordered that any civilian entities or Foundation personnel associated with GoI-076 ("the Fair Folk") are not to come into contact with SCP-6000. Any civilian entities or Foundation personnel caught attempting to circumvent this order are to be detained for questioning.

Description: SCP-6000-1 is a pine tree which has been carved into the shape of a lighthouse. The anomalous properties of SCP-6000-1 only manifest when natural disasters affect the forest it is located in, when a red light will emanate from its top. Based on unknown criteria, some individuals upon viewing 6000-1 will become an instance of SCP-6000-2.

Upon an individual becoming an instance of SCP-6000-2, the light atop of SCP-6000-1 will extinguish, and the -2 instance will begin hallucinating a star at a fixed point in the sky. SCP-6000-2 who navigate using this hallucination will be led to a place which they would identify using nomenclature such as “home”. Upon reaching this location, SCP-6000-1 will light for a period of five minutes regardless of conditions before extinguishing and resuming normal anomalous activity.

Incident 6000.6:
During a thunderstorm over Site-47, Professor Bishop Knight viewed SCP-6000 in its active state during a visit, and became an SCP-6000-2 instance. SCP-6000-2 requested leave to navigate using SCP-6000-1. Due to her status as a human-Fair Folk hybrid1, this request was denied under the pretense of suppressing SCP-6000’s anomaly, and it was reassigned to Site-47.

Several weeks later, a severe thunderstorm forced on-site personnel to shelter in place. When SCP-6000-2 could not be accounted for, the Site was searched, to no avail, and security attachments at the flue where fae-things find home were notified. Despite this measure, SCP-6000-2 was not recaptured, and it is believed that it never arrived at the nameless road. Furthermore, on 03/01/2020, SCP-6000-1 resumed anomalous activity.

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