SCP-6000 - Lost Memories
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July 16th 1806

Dear Cornwallis

The natives remain.

To continue my journey I must pass through Mount Algonquin, however I have been stopped by a group of young native boys. They told me to not pass a threshold and to wait 4 days and 4 nights before I may cross. I'm curious what they are hiding from me. I'll send another letter shortly.

July 20th 1806

Dear Cornwallis

Corn, you must come as soon as possible, they speak of a deity that they must protect and care. I have spent the past few days with them learning of the culture, and how they "calm" the gods with dances and rituals. We should strike a deal with the natives to keep this secret, possibly allowing the Foundation to gain grounds here.

Item #:SCP-6000 Level 5/6000
Object Class: Thaumiel Keter Declassified


Mount Algonquin (Right) during a "Lost Memories" event.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6000 in its current state is uncontainable. Protocol "Lost Memories" is to be enacted once every 5-years on Mount Algonquin. A chosen Foundation agent of level 4 clearance or higher will be sent a request to enact the protocol. If no agents accept the request then a different request hiding the nature of SCP-6000 will be sent to agents with level 2 clearance and higher.

If SCP-6000 reaches full growth and Lost Memories is unable to halt SCP-6000 progress then a EK-Class end of the conciseness scenario is inevitable. 2 nuclear warheads on Mount Algonquin and Mount Iroquois are to be detonated to stop the growth cycle if Lost Memories is unable to be enacted.

Description: SCP-6000 is a Amanita muscaria1 residing on Mount Algonquin with a growth cycle of 4 years 364 days 23 hours. Its maximum recorded length is one (1)meter in height, with a cap diameter of thirty three (33)cm. SCP-6000 displays no hallucinogenic effects, including poisonous. SCP-6000 is also unaffected by any and all internal or external damage. Removing a piece or the entirety of the plant from the rocks at which it grows will have it instantly regrow from the same location. SCP-6000 is also immune to temperatures up to 5000 Degrees Celsius, it is unknown if a higher temperature could burn the plant.

SCP-6000 when eaten may not cause hallucinogenic effects, however it contains very strong amnestic effects. When eaten the subject will retain all current memory for 15 minutes. After the 15 minutes pass all memories formed that include nature become hazy and unintelligible by the subject. The subject will know they were at places on a date, but are unable to recall any events that transpired. This effect lasts for an unknown amount of time, it may be possible to span a whole lifetime.

At the end of the growth cycle SCP-6000 will grow four appendages, taking the form of a humanoid male. SCP-6000 will then walk to neighboring peak Mount Iroquois. Both peaks will then be labeled as SCP-6000-2. The main body of SCP-6000 will be referred to as SCP-6000-1. SCP-6000-2 does not follow standard geometry. SCP-6000-2 Can last for several thousand miles, the correct geometry puts the distance between the two peaks at roughly (1.6)kilometers. SCP-6000-2 Also contains shallow salt flats, dense forests, and duneless deserts. Once SCP-6000-2 has been entered it cannot be left, any attempts to do so will lead the subject back to the entrance of SCP-6000-2.

SCP-6000-1 will reside on top of mount Iroquois and will begin to enact a "Ritual." This Ritual will cause the mental state of humans to deteriorate, this effect is in a growing circumference. The process will make subjects experience "reverse memories." They will forget current memories and begin to view them as old, and much older memories are recalled by the subject as if they had happened the day before. These changes are permanent even if Lost Memories is finished correctly. Those in SCP-6000-2 at this time are unaffected by these changes.

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