SCP-6000 - What I Saw In The Eye of Atlas
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Project STIGMATA Interface Terminal #001


Welcome, Third-Wandsman-of-The-Planet-of-Hands


initialize Telepath_Interface

INITIALIZING Telepath Interface




RUNNING Thought Patrol Module

RUNNING Shaman Probe

RUNNING Thought Transcription Module











run Hercules_Protocol.exe

RUNNING Hercules Protocols



Hello? Are you there? You found enough fragments of your mind yet?

Okay great. I saw a flicker of coherence so I am gonna take that as a yes. If not, oh well. You can't answer me anyway.

Greetings Mr. 3, allow me to introduce myself. I am Malphas.sic, President of the 39th Circle, Crown Prince of Hell, Arbiter of the Abyssal planes, Celestial Master of Legions, and your personal A.I. Assistant.

Wait I forgot the pact says I'm supposed to use the A.I. clinical tone thing, one second.

[Welcome to outside the time stream. You are currently within a Baptism medical tank that is part of the STIGMATA Interface, which is allowing you to telepathically connect with SCP-6000, and likely by extension SCP-6000-B. I am here to help you with this procedure.]

[You will be incrementally allowed to receive more of the 'thoughts' of SCP-6000 to allow you to regenerate and adjust to the information density. However, unlike the usual version of this procedure, you will be undergoing inverted interfacing, allowing SCP-6000 to attempt to experience your thoughts, in an attempt to link your consciousnesses in any way possible. In theory this should allow you to act as a functional mouthpiece or avatar, and allow us to communicate with it. Therefore it is important that as you learn more about how SCP-6000 experiences reality, SCP-6000 also needs to understand how we see it from our far more limited perspective.]

[Before we continue, I should telepathically present the SCP-6000 file to you. I have trimmed the containment procedures slightly to primarily include the parts relevant to you.]

Item #: SCP-6000

Object Class: Archon

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6000 is to be monitored at Site-69 within SCP-6000-A. No psionic or otherwise telepathic individuals are to come within a radius of 5 km of SCP-6000 without telepathic nullification headgear. Following the destruction of GOI-771 "Voltair's Architects" and the Lancedown incident, the Foundation has recognized the imminent danger that leaving SCP-6000 unaddressed could cause. Due to both the size and complexity of SCP-6000's consciousness, the Foundation is not aware of any means to directly influence or communicate with it. Any unaided attempts by Telepathic individuals to enter the area around SCP-6000 or directly contact it has resulted in permanent mental and ideological damage, or more often, the total cessation of all brain activity. To bypass this issue, Project STIGMATA was developed.

Subjects that are going to interface using project STIGMATA are administered a substance created by the Department of Shamanic and Astral Practices referred to as 'Orange Ichor'1. Despite the array's gradual increase of information exchange, most telepathic subjects require some form of immortality or regeneration for prolonged use. It is theorized that it would require a subject with both high-class regenerative abilities and high psionic potential from birth for the possibility of a more complete connection being established.

All combat and security personnel active within SCP-6000-A are to be armed with conceptual weaponry2 in order to combat the abstract entities that inhabit it. As the entrance to SCP-6000-A does not exist in a single set location within the Aegean sea, MTF-Psi-11 ("The Gods Squad") is to monitor the corresponding inland sea within SCP-6000-A. Any native entities that attempt to exit SCP-6000-A are to be incapacitated or neutralized. Personel should refrain from discussing religious figures or subjectively divine beings when within SCP-6000-A if at all possible, due to this often causing the related Empyrean entity(s) to manifest within earreach of the conversation.

Further information on SCP-6000-B is to be obtained via research on SCP-6000 and associated sources regarding it. While the primary goal is to identify a means to prevent SCP-6000-B from ceasing to exist, personnel are also to attempt to establish an alternative substratum to either supersede or replace it.

Description: SCP-6000 is a humanoid shaped entity of at least 100 kilometers in height, although attempting to reach its maximum height has consistently failed due to the unstable space in its environment. Its body is made up of an unknown, obsidian-like substance. The being has multiple carvings of various sizes across its body, mimicking the appearance of tattoos. In addition, there are multiple gashes and cuts along its surface, although it is unclear if they are actual injuries on the entity. While SCP-6000 consistently has tattoo-like carvings, various gashes, and some variation of attire typical of the bronze era, the specific form these attributes take varies from time to time with no consistent pattern in its shifting. SCP-6000 stands with its arms outstretched towards the sky. SCP-6000's consciousness is believed to intersect with every point in time and space.

SCP-6000 is situated on a continent (hereafter designated SCP-6000-A) that is located in a space-time construct other than prime reality. The anomaly is standing directly under a highly unstable rend in the fabric of space-time. SCP-6000-A is made up of seemingly random landmasses pulled from other realities and forced together and is connected to Empyrean Space3. The exact nature of this connection is unknown, but it has two main implications. First, it allows for the manifestation and upkeep of Empyrean entities with significantly less active faith. Second, for unknown reasons, when entities that previously had high information density are Forgotten4, their physical corpses will often manifest somewhere on the continent.

Any matter other than SCP-6000 that exceeds an altitude of 100 kilometers above the continent is broken down by the increased deterioration of concepts and laws necessary for baseline reality, most commonly due to either the failure of addition or atomic theory. The continent's proximity to the gap in reality and the connection to Empyrean Space has caused the extreme deterioration to the normal laws of reality. The warping of space and constant addition of new landmass has rendered the continent functionally infinite and extant between several extra dimensional spaces. The Foundation is able to access the island due to an inland lake located on SCP-6000-A which is connected to the Aegean sea of our reality. SCP-6000-A and the rend in space-time above it are both stabilized by SCP-6000. Thus it is speculated that SCP-6000 is not a product of belief.

SCP-6000 believed to be the avatar or personification of an unknown, underlying concept, function, law, or archetype that is fundamental to both consciousness and the idea of Existence, hereafter referred to as SCP-6000-B. If SCP-6000-B were to be erased or heavily damaged, Reality will become an impossibility and never have existed. The Foundation has reason to believe that, unlike other similar theoretical aspects of existence, SCP-6000-B is capable of either choosing to stop supporting reality, or to deny its own existence.

[Now that you hopefully have a better understanding of the current situation, I can continue with my explanation. Members of MTF Alpha-1 "Red Right Hand" and member of GOI-5971 known as The Third Wandsman of the Planet of Hands are monitoring your status via the STIGMATA interface and its thought transcribers.]

[The Foundation previously used several individuals with functional complete immortality from their high-level regeneration to interface with SCP-6000, allowing the Foundation to gain most of the information it currently has. However, none of them had inborn psionic potential, and the process required to grant someone sufficient telepathic aptitude rendered them unable to perpetually maintain the stability of their metaphysical structures. Due to this, all previous subjects were eventually erased completely from the noosphere.]

[As both one who was originally conceived in the afterlife known as Corbanic, who died and arrived in the land of the living as your equivalent afterlife, and an inborn psion, you are the only individual the Foundation has access to who can potentially survive the inverted interfacing process.]

You really must have pissed off the All-mighty asshole upstares to have ended up here. Jesus. Sorry, I'm getting off track.

[I was procured from The Brass Arcapeligo in SCP-6000-A, contractually bound, and converted into a pure information entity by The Third Wandsman of the Planet of Hands to aid you in this procedure because the information storms caused by your repeatedly raveling and unraveling mind would almost immediately destabilize any sufficiently complex A.I. the Foundation could make. To contrast, I can remain coherent essentially as long as Hell itself remains, though it is not pleasant.]

[Does that make sense?]


Okay I'm just gonna be frank with you. Trying to look into your psychically overcharged mind is like trying to tell what is going on in the center of a supernova with your bare eyes. Your mind is constantly falling apart and putting itself back together, we are outside of the concept of time, and the juice they have you on to make this all possible includes both shrooms and ayahuasca, so I have pretty much no idea what you are gonna see during this. This on top of all of Atlas's thoughts, and its only going to get even worse as this all continues.

I'm the best there is at reading and manipulating minds but this is all going to be on you. I am trying my best here man. I have a bunch of texts that I will be feeding you that the Wandsman spent a lot of time collecting. They are starting up the transcription module, and you seem pretty coherent for now, so let's get started.

run Transcription_Module.liveRead()


He sees a field of flowers. Sees the trees around the forest. Feels the absorption of the sunlight and feels the warmth being absorbed by the leaves.

He sees the animals wandering among the plants. The deer eat the plants in the field. He feels the plants being eaten. They do not feel pain the way animals do. Distress. Extreme, all consuming distress. Panic as their whole lives are consumed. Their whole system is shocked as their roots are pulled. The silent screams are felt throughout the whole field, and the plants around it, too.

A wolf jumps on one of the deer. He feels the flesh being pierced and torn. He feels the animal ripped apart. Its chunks of flesh consumed. Then he feels the rest of the wolf pack. He feels the ecosystem. He feels consumption and decay. The whole food chain screams.


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