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Image of the space accessed by use of SCP-6000. Photo captured by drone during initial exploration.

Item: SCP-6000

Object Class: Safe

Special containment procedures: SCP-6000 is kept in a standard secure locker in site-19. SCP-6000 is now kept in a reinforced secure containment locker with additional biometric security measures restricted to personnel involved in Project PROMPTU in site-19. No writing tools are permitted within 20 meters of the locker outside of Project PROMPTU, to ensure the continued effectiveness of containment.

At the end of every month, a group of hand-selected and specially trained personnel are to carry out Project PROMPTU. Personnel will be hand-selected by the project lead █████ ████████ with approval from the O-5 command.

Description: SCP-6000 is an average-sized 200-page 137-page blue hardcover book. Dating estimates the book to have been produced circa 1960.

SCP-6000's anomalous ability manifests when the name of a living individual is written on its pages while the writer visualizes the subject's face. After a period of five minutes from writing the name, the target individual will be spontaneously transported to a large unidentified mountain range with heavy forestation designated SCP-6000-1. Testing of this effect has revealed that all personal items (i.e. clothing, and worn equipment) will be transported with them with no notable side effects. If the target individual is already present within SCP-6000-1, then writing their name will transport them back to the location they were taken from, instead.

Exploration of the region strongly suggests that it is located somewhere on Earth, with the sun and moon rising as expected and astrological observations aligning with current charts. The precise location of SCP-6000-1, however, has yet to be identified. Initial exploration of the area has also demonstrated no apparent limits to its expanse, nor any visible civilization of any kind. The only noted difference between this space and our own is a notable time dilation effect. Research is also ongoing as to how the purely floral ecosystem has sustained itself, as well as why this dilation effect has not resulted in the natural evolution of any animal or insect life within the region.

SCP-6000 Incident Report: On 11/09/1980 SCP-████ broke containment and proceeded to rampage through a D-Class Cell Block, damaging multiple cells and freeing their occupants in the process. During the chaos, D-5331 somehow managed to abscond with SCP-6000, having gained knowledge of its function through assigned exploration testing with the object. Before site security identified the missing item, D-5331 managed to write his own name into SCP-6000. As D-5331 stole the only known instance of SCP-6000, obtaining any information pertaining to either the individual or SCP-6000's whereabouts has been designated a high priority.

Addendum-1: Approximately three days after the theft of SCP-6000, multiple D-Class were suddenly reported missing from their cells. Security camera footage has shown that these disappearances all occurred within a short period of each other, and all missing D-Class were located within the same cell block as D-5331. During further investigation, it was discovered that D-5331 may have also stolen a list of names for D-Class personnel on-site from the cell block warden’s office. This in combination with the sudden and unusual disappearance of D-Class from the same block suggests the possibility that D-5331 was somehow still alive and aiding other D-Class in their escape from Site-19. Within a matter of a few weeks, a total of 937 D-Class also disappeared, all having had some form of interaction with one another in a sort of daisy chain effect, further supporting the idea that SCP-6000 is being used to smuggle D-Class out of Foundation facilities across the globe.

It has also been speculated the use of SCP-6000 may have been involved in a number of minor thefts and raids on smaller Foundation facilities, all of which had at least one D-Class disappear from their holding blocks prior to the event. Missing D-Class has been reported walking through the sites from which they disappeared on several of these occasions, but all missing individuals have eluded capture thus far. Among the items stolen are general supplies, such as food, books, and toiletries, as well as more notable items, such as weapons and ammunition, access cards, and several classified documents.

A steady increase in the frequency and severity of these incursions suggest a significant population may now likely reside within SCP-6000-1.

Addendum-2: On 12/10/1980, D-4756 (one of the missing D-Class) was captured raiding the supply stores of Site-19. D-4756 was seen entering the storage area by site staff. When security teams arrived, D-4756 was found huddled in a corner of the room with a large backpack and several bags filled with miscellaneous objects similar to previous reports. D-4756 also had a standard-issue security rifle in their possession. When ordered to relinquish the weapon, D-4756 refused and opened fire on the security team. Security personnel returned fire, critically wounding D-4756 before the subject abruptly disappeared, leaving behind several of the bags which they had dropped, as well as a crumpled piece of paper that appeared to have been torn from a book. The page had a number of names written on it, each one corresponding to a missing D-Class, including that of D-4756.

Given the possibility of a connection to SCP-6000, researchers attempted to bring back the individuals listed on the page. Of the ██ names listed, only █ were able to be recovered by writing their names on the page again. It was noted that D-4756 was not among the recovered D-Class, likely having died of their wounds shortly after disappearing. Interrogation of the recovered individuals revealed that a settlement had been built within the anomalous region accessed by SCP-6000 shortly after the theft of the book by D-5331. D-5331 had deemed himself their savior and promised freedom in this "new world," free from the Foundation. The D-Class also revealed that they had in fact been using SCP-6000 in order to steal supplies periodically, as needs had grown significantly over the years inside the internal region of SCP-6000.

In addition to the information obtained through interrogation, several of the D-Class had been found possessing similar pieces of SCP-6000. In order to verify the statements of the recovered D-Class and assess the current situation within the anomalous place, Agent Michael ██████ of MTF Alpha-4 ("Pony Express") was briefly sent in using the page recovered from D-4756. Agent Michael's orders were to avoid all contact and reconnoitre the area, before using the page to return. Upon Agent Michael's return, they confirmed all of the information divulged by the recovered D-Class. The existence of an entire city of D-Class capable of spontaneously teleporting into and out of Foundation facilities was considered too high a risk to let continue without immediate action.

Agent Michael volunteered to infiltrate SCP-6000-1 and recover SCP-6000. On 12/12/1980, Agent Michael, posing as D-7815 was introduced into the ranks of Site-19's D-Class holding block, where a significant number of the missing D-Class had escaped. Within several days, Agent Michael received an opportunity to "escape" with several other D-Class who had been in contact with the inhabitants of the place of SCP-6000. Agent Michael took the opportunity, disappearing into the anomalous place, secretly in possession of one of the recovered pages provided by the Foundation. Approximately one hour after his disappearance, Agent Michael reappeared inside Site-19 with SCP-6000 in his possession. A debriefing interview was conducted immediately following their return.

Addendum-6000.3: [REDACTED]

Following its creation, with the approval of O5-Command and the Ethics Committee, Project PROMPTU has been deemed the most appropriate means of dealing with the current situation.

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