SCP-6000 - The Beast Within
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Item#: 6000
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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Special Containment Procedures:

D-Class Personnel are prohibited from interacting with SCP-6000.

Minimal human contact must be maintained with SCP-6000. The construction of SCP-6000's containment cell has been devised for this procedure. See Addendum 6000.A.02 for full specifications. Any interactions with SCP-6000 must follow the Special Containment Procedures or be an authorized test granted by two Class B personnel. No test with human interaction should exceed 20 min. All personnel at the site where SCP-6000 is contained must discover their animal form. An additional identification badge listing this form will be disputed. If multiple people are required to be in the containment cell, they should have different animal forms to indicate which one SCP-6000 is targeting.

SCP-6000 is to be fed once every day except twice on Friday and not on Saturday. There must be three portions presented. Each portion must consist of 300g to 350g of poultry or beef with the blood fully drained and 150g to 200g of fruits with three varieties. Two of the meat portions may be cooked. All food items must be gathered directly from the source and washed thoroughly.

The meat and the fruit must be placed on two wooden planks and given to SCP-6000 by two personnel members. They must wear plain brown robes supplied at the site. No sudden or aggressive movements can be made. The two personnel slowly enter, walk up to the entity, and lay the blanks down on the ground. The personnel then bow and SCP-6000 will bow back. The personnel must then sit on the ground and eat one of the portions and be careful to not eat more or less. Once the food has been completely consumed, the two personnel members must stand, exchange another bow with SCP-6000, grab the trays, and then leave. The observation chamber must be vacant during these times.

There are three separate evacuation scenarios:
Minimal evacuation - All non-essential personnel are transported to the surface while essential personnel remain at the lower site.
Surface evacuation - All personnel are moved to the surface facility aside from armed guards.
Full evacuation - All personnel are vacated from the premises with priority given to scientific personnel.
See Addendum 6000.A.03 for full personnel station and evacuation protocol.

If SCP-6000 escapes captivity, agents will be deployed to guide it away from civilization. It will then be neutralized. SCP-6000-Alpha will then be transported back to its cell once the damage has been repaired. SCP-6000 will be neutralized additionally if the repairs last longer than seven hours. If repairs are projected to last longer than three days, temporary containment will need to be used. An unused wing of an existing site or an isolated site is preferable.


SCP-6000 exhibits the anomalous ability to change its form to that of different animals. Seven animal forms have been documented as shown in Addendum 6000.A.01. It is not known if SCP-6000 can achieve any other animal form. These forms are typically achieved as a reaction to any human subject in its presence. If there are multiple subjects, the entity will choose one to focus on. The entity has exhibited that it will always have the same animal form for an individual. It has not been documented if SCP-6000 will change what animal form it shifts into for an individual.

Additionally, SCP-6000 exhibits the ability to shift from a corporeal state to an ethereal state. In an ethereal state, the entity has luminescent eyes and a dark shadow-like appearance. As this transition progresses, SCP-6000 starts to exhibit aggressive behaviors and will eventually become hostile. When the anomaly is closer to its corporeal state it is a size that is consistent with the animal form it is, but as it shifts to its ethereal state it can grow in size to possibly 3x the size of the normal animal. SCP-6000's strength, speed, and resilience also increase the closer it becomes fully ethereal. If the entity reaches an ethereal state in which its eyes illuminate, it always knows where its target is. It is hypothesized that in a fully ethereal state, it is impossible to neutralize the entity and that the only way to pacify SCP-6000 will be to let it kill its target. Only then, without human contact, will it revert to a corporeal state and become susceptible to damage.

The entity transitions to an ethereal state by means of an anomalous process via the presence of humans. Line of sight between the entity and the subject is what is typically required for this process to eventuate, but it has been recorded to occur when subjects are within proximity of the entity regardless of barriers. What exact quality or variable of the human presence that allows for this process to occur is currently unknown. The radius to and ease in which the anomaly transitions slightly increases the closer it is to an ethereal state. It has been noted that different subjects cause different rates in this shift. SCP-6000 has exhibited faster shifts toward aggression and an ethereal state from most D-class personnel as opposed to other subjects. It should also be noted that when the anomaly kills, it kills in different ways depending on its animal form. What is consistent between all animal forms is that SCP-6000 will consume the target's heart before or after death. SCP-6000 has shown no hostility to any animal and when interacting with one would lay with and comfort the animal even if it was in a predatory form.

When the entity has sustained enough damage to force it into a neutralized state, the animal form will die. Its body will then begin to slowly disintegrate. In the ash, what is known as SCP-6000-Alpha will be left. This is a nearly spherical rock with an appearance similar to obsidian. There are two distinct craters on the surface of SCP-6000-Alpha. The stone exhibits apparent indestructibility. After being subjected to separate tests of 280 MPa, 8000°C, and -100°C, the anomaly displayed no signs of deformation. After seven hours of this neutralized state, SCP-6000-Alpha will transform back into SCP-6000.

Official Documents

Addendum 6000.A.01: The SCP-6000's Documented Animal Forms

Animal Form Eye Illumination Color Method of Extermination Addtional Notes


Partial decapitaion typically above the eyeline



Dark Blue

Genital mutilation


An anomalous poison is injected through the fangs into the target's neck. This leaves the body's eyes and skin surrounding the eyes green.


Full consumption

Light Blue



It gnaws and consumes the target's fingers and then burrows a hole through both hands. While this is happening, an anomalous disease infects the hands up to the elbow giving them a golden appearance. This disease kills the target

Addendum 6000.A.02: Site Construction And Lay Out

SCP-6000's containment cell is a 4.5m by 13.5m cell with a 4.5m tall ceiling that is lined with wood. This is contained within a facility that is buried 100m below the surface. Two cameras are installed in opposite corners of the cell for constant monitoring by the surface crew. A 2m by 2m one-way window that leads to an observation chamber is installed. This must be closed when not in use. Speakers and microphones are hidden in the ceiling to allow for contact between the observation chamber, surface crew, and containment cell. An evacuation lever is placed directly outside of the cell as well as in various other locations in the facility. A 50m long hallway leads to the containment cell. At the other end of the hallway is a security checkpoint that leads to offices, archives, a small fruit garden, and the elevator room. All archives and documents must have a primary copy on the surface. The surface facility is surrounded by a 25m tall wall. On the other side of the wall are a chicken coop, an orchard, and a beef farm.

Addendum 6000.A.03: Staff Stations And Evacuation Protocol

Pairs of guards are to be stationed at these locations: In front of the cell door, at the beginning of the hallway, and in the elevator room. An additional guard is to patrol the rooms of the lower section. The guards next to the cell must be rotated hourly, in the hallway every two hours and the other four every four hours. Every pair of guards must have different animal forms. No more than four people can be in the cell, no more than eight near the cell, and no more than 21 in the site's lower section.

Addendum 6000.A.04: Orignal Containment Procedures

1st Iteration: SCP-6000 is to be kept in a neutralized state. When SCP-6000-Alpha shifts into SCP-6000, the stationed guards are to fire and damage it until it is neutralized. Guards shall be stationed in SCP-6000's containment cell an hour before and an hour after neutralization.1

2nd Iteration: SCP-6000 must remain in its cell and can not come into contact with any human under any circumstance.2

Audio Recordings

Addendum 6000.B.01: Recording 1 "The Lucas Sanders Recording"

SCP-6000 was discovered by agents when reports of a shape-shifting beast arose in ██████ ██ ███. Along with the bodies of three campers approximately 25 years in age, agents found a recording in Lucas Sanders' phone. Covers stories of a rabid animal were then spread in the population.



Sanders: (Hyperventilating)

Fuck… If anyone is listening to this, my name is Lucas Sanders. We were camping in the woods an- an- and we went for a hike. We thought it was jus- …shit.

One moment it was a snake, and the next it was a bear. S- Sandy… oh my god Sandy got mauled, Jake and I- we ran. Then it was a wolf. B- But it looked like a shadow. Its eyes, they glowed red. Oh god I felt so cold. it looked… into me, i- into my soul. It could- It could see m- me… fuck. I managed to get away but I broke my leg…

It's coming… shit. I- I need to say this. Dad, every time I told you I love you… I lied. I fucking hate you. Why'd you cheat? Why'd you let her leave? You fucking tore our family apart. Over what? Some dumb bitch. Did you ever think about us? Huh? Your fucking kids. I’ll never forgive you, wait… It- It knew that


Fu-… I- It can see that… It can see that


Test Logs

Addendum 6000.C.01: Initial Form Discoveries

In accordance with the Special Containment Procedures, specialized tests known as "Form Discoveries" are performed for each staff member granted access to the site's lower section.

Addendum 6000.C.02: D-class Form Discoveries

Before the current containment procedures, D-class personnel were assigned and tested to help contain SPC-6000. After the following tests, the current ban was implemented by Director D'aramitz.

Addendum 6000.C.03: Miscellaneous Tests

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