5th Global Occult Coalition Donation

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Of Interest: mechanical, vehicle, military (repurposed), electric, transport, construction, not abnormal?, POSSIBLE SECURITY CONCERN, deployed.

Asset Dossier: A letter from the Office of the Under-Secretary-General D.C. al Fine, signed by the Assistant Director of Field Operations (Central Africa Division), "Pericles", follows:

To the Mission Board of the Manna Charitable Foundation.

On behalf of the Global Occult Coalition and the builders of the Mk. I-P-UHEC platform, the PTOLEMY Division and the Servants of the Silicon Nornir, we extend this donation as hopeful testimony of the greater works humanity can achieve when we work together.

Although the Prototype Mk I Ultra-Heavy Engagement Chassis was built as proof of concept and has little to do with its kin, the much heavier and sophisticated Mk. III UHEC 'Orange Suit', it is completely functional and can be used for a number of peaceful tasks in a most environments. It is a very large robotic vehicle capable of traversing any terrain and perform different operations thanks to its manipulators.

It has been, of course, deprived of all Tangential technology and reinforced with advanced Gen+0 devices. This was originally done as part of a testing program designed to advance current use of robotics by our non-occult partners. However, we have reached a point where, with the exception of its sophisticated actuators, it is completely obsolete. This is why we believe it can be of greater use to your organisation than to us.

You will find that the UHEC is a very practical, if maintenance-intensive, multi-purpose platform. However, when accepting this donation, the MCF will be observing these conditions:
1. The Mk. I-P-UHEC will not be used in combat against any foe, under any circumstances.
2. As required by Second Mission (concealment), the Mk. I-P-UHEC will not be used close to civilian populations nor its capacities disclosed to any parties, in any way.
3. No attempts to retro-engineer the Mk. I-P-UHEC Gen+0 trademarked technology (see attached documentation) will be undertaken. This includes any attempts at reproducing the device by using anomalous means.
4. The Mk. I-P-UHEC will be used by active or former members of the Global Occult Coalition alone who have been registered in the Humanitarian Work Roster or academic personnel on a sabbatical that have joined an MCF operation. These persons may not train others in the use of the Mk. I-P-UHEC.

Any failure in following these directives will result in the forcible requisition and dismantling of the device.

We cede this article to you in good faith, as requested by ex-members of the Coalition now affiliated to your organisation, hoping that you make good use of its qualities.

Assistant Director of Field Operations, Central Africa Division, "Pericles".

The Global Occult Coalition is the supra-national body that rules over the World Parahealth Organisation, one of the three regulating members with permanent seats in the MCF International Board. It is part of the UN and pursues the lasting protection of human population from abnormal threats, usually by violent means.

Two extracts from the review on the Fifth Global Occult Coalition Donation, written by Security Executive member François Olympe, follow:


  • Actuators are extremely streamlined, precise, resilient and miniaturized. These are the only piece of tech we can't find anywhere at the time, so we won't have any backups, either. As far as I can tell, they might be abnormal.
  • Most materials are standard and, while expensive and difficult to acquire, could be obtained in most hardware factories.
  • External UHMWPE1 shell dismounted to re-purpose the entire device, which reduces neat weight while allowing for compact storage.
  • Controls and pilot canopy are clearly last-minute swaps that make the vehicle harder to drive.
  • Power plant swapped with VanOx batteries that will give a short operation time. We knew something like this could happen. Most of those systems implemented by the Servants were Gen+2 and further. This means they are trying to sway public opinion in their favor by giving us their prototype equipment, fitted with materials of a deplorable quality an Long re-charging periods will also be a problem.
  • Ram-Air Parachute system still embedded into structure. Note: I don't feel confident in my ability to remove it without incurring in major structural damage. It's not very heavy and it doesn't impair its movements, so I recommend we ignore it entirely. - F. Olympe


(…) To conclude: they gave us an obsolete piece of tech, denied us a chance to use it for many significant tasks by forbidding its use in front of civilians and refused to let me train volunteers to use it or copy it. This is, in my experience, what the Coalition officials do to be obstructive without being too open about it: make up as many rules as you can in the spot. It is true, however, that we have to keep it hidden or people will wonder where did a poor non-profit NGO get a ninety-four-million euro piece of top-of-the-line robotic hardware. Neither us nor the GOC need any additional scrutiny from Normal society or other interested parties.

They are not trying to be helpful. They want to look like they are trying to do something for us; that is a lot of good press for the Scary Lady. Which is the only thing they actually want, that much is evident. However, we will make the most of it.


First, we need an ex-GOC Specialist able to drive it; I'm available, and I know I can drive it. Second, to fully exploit its all-terrain capacities we should use it in places where normal logistics and transport assets, such as trucks or trailers, can't get to or have difficulties navigating. Third, to fully exploit its loading capacities, the Work Group it gets assigned to should use moderately large container-like units; I've heard of UN-issued MSU2 that would be perfect for this.

With these three items fulfilled, I can promise we will be making a good use of this giant robot. Of course, that does not mean it is all it can do (it is, after all, an all-terrain, multi-purpose platform), but I am thinking primarily of those things we will be able to do with it, and only with it. Possibilities are, potentially, endless. Construction in remote areas, carrying prefabricated habitats into secluded settlements, environmental engineering operations (…)3

François Olympe is a thirty-five years old Security Executive and Specialist member, and has worked with Work Group Opal-1 for three years. He worked with the Global Occult Coaltion PHYSICS Branch in combat operation in three tours, in which he acquired considerable knowledge in sorcerously enhanced machinery and diverse alter-technologies.

Maintenance and Operation: RESERVED TO SPECIALIST FRANÇOIS OLYMPE (prospectively expanded to other trained volunteers, as current Security Restrictions are lifted). Recommended use: rapid transportation of large items across mid-long distances.

Safety Concerns: Maintenance and Operation exclusive of Security Executive member François Olympe and workers designated by him. Otherwise safe for all.

Security Restrictions: As part of Coalition-imposed Second Mission restrictions, a) only use during night-time and as away from civilian observers as possible, b) do not train new pilots for the platform, c) do not train mechanics nor try to develop new versions of the platform or its portions, d) do not engage in, or respond to acts of aggression while using the platform.

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