Exploration Log 4480-1
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Exploration Log 4480-1

Subject is D-2714, a male of Greek descent convicted of several counts of tax fraud and arson. Subject was selected due to his physical fitness and record of healthiness. Subject was given standard plainclothes attire with built-in audiovisual equipment. In addition, Subject was equipped with a "kill collar" that could be remotely detonated in order to ensure cooperation.

The name and locale of the Target Location has been classified due to ongoing investigation into several incidents surrounding it. Target Location is a factory with previous recorded infractions of health and safety codes. It was suspected that SCP-4480 took the form of Dr. Simpson, and had become the facility's physician. It is of note that the aforementioned health incidents had increased in frequency since the hiring of Dr. Simpson.

Target Location was selected for exploration after a former employees submitted reports of anomalous activity within to local authorities. The case was handed off to the Foundation after a police officer did not return from an investigation into the building. Subject was sent to the main entry point into the Target Location, while a small encampment of researchers were stationed nearby in a motel to communicate with the Subject and to offer advice.

Subject activates camera, revealing the exterior of the Target Location. Although signs of dilapidation are present, the factory appears to be in working order. Subject is given clearance to enter the Target Location through the main entry doors.

Subject is greeted by a receptionist. Subject presents counterfeit OSHA credentials and a prepared cover story of a surprise investigation. The receptionist uses an intercom to contact the factory's manager (name classified, hereafter referred to as Manager), a male of Irish descent. The Manager begins a guided tour of the factory with the Subject.

The first area of the Target Location is an assembly line room. As the Manager guides the Subject through the area, the Subject is instructed to pan the camera to allow the researchers to view the room. Evidence of fluids such as leaked oil, grease, and vomit is evident throughout the room. All workers have fatigued expressions and a lack of safety equipment. Most equipment appears to be either dysfunctional or improperly maintained. Manager appears to ignore this.

The second area of the Target Location is a warehouse. Several crates are improperly stacked. Researcher Dylan points out a section of dried flesh material attached to an arrangement of crates. Further analysis reveals that this material is present throughout the warehouse. Subject overhears this discussion, and brings it up to the Manager, who appears to dodge the question.

The Manager then brings the Subject to an unmarked area that appears to be a clinic. Suddenly, the Manager pushes the Subject, then punches him. Before the Subject can retaliate, a man, later identified as SCP-4480, grabs him from behind. As Subject thrashes in an attempt to free himself, SCP-4480 can be seen holding either a rusty syringe or a knife; Subject's trashing makes detail difficult.

Subject then draws a knife and stabs SCP-4480 in the chest. It is of note that Subject was not permitted to bring a knife on the exploration, and had hidden it on his body prior to the incursion. SCP-4480 then falls over, bleeding blood of green coloration, and Subject turns towards the Manager, who appears to be surrendering. The Subject is told to cease, or his kill collar will be detonated. After an argument with Command, Subject ceases, and exits the Target Location without incident.

D-2714 was later reprimanded for possession of illegal contraband. Target Location was later investigated by a full detachment of MTF 𐌈-02 ("Shockwave Searchers"). All of the employees were found to be under the influence of Flunitrazepam, a drug known to cause drowsiness and suggestibility. Dried flesh material in the warehouse area was identified to be SCP-███; the relationship between the two anomalies is unknown. The cadaver of SCP-4480 could not be found during this second incursion.

Target Location was identified to be under the influence of SCP-4480 after similarities were found between the anomalies observed and archived ASCI documentation. SCP-4480 was previously thought to have been neutralized after the detonation of an affected office building.

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