Third Vesta Donation

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Graciously donated by the Vesta Conglomerate for the betterment Of Human Societies.

Of Interest: User-friendly, structural development, facilities, non-hazardous microorganism, POTENTIAL ENVIRONMENTAL HAZARD, abnormal entropy, ongoing research, ongoing programme, donation

Asset Summary: A relation of MWB Newsletter entries, written by Dr. J. Torres, Executive member of the Mission Branch, as Internal Reports, follows:
Maintenance and Operations: With regards to in-field maintenance, Vesta Donation elements undergo a change in requirements:

Safety Concerns: Safe for all in Stage 2 Assets. Restricted to trained volunteers in Stage 1 Assets. Restricted to executive personnel in Stage 0 Assets.

Security Restrictions: As of 13/10/1999, Security Restrictions on the Third Vesta Donation are to be as follows:

  • Only the results of finished Programmes involving Third Vesta Donation assets may be publicly announced, always as the result of a development scheme involving prefabricated buildings.
  • All results of unfinished Programmes involving Third Vesta Donation assets identified by parties interested on its origin, its functions or its properties must be dismantled.
  • No Programme involving Third Vesta Donation assets will attempt to create structures that behave as lethal components (namely, traps, unstable structures or weaponized structures) by design. Fortifications, however, may be produced if allowed by a majority vote of a Board meeting or the emergency orders from a Mission Director.
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