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I sat in a leather chair in a large library. The shelves of books, scrolls and hard drives stretched on infinitely. Slowly, I turned my head to look at the oncoming fire. It was burning quicker than ever. This was always bound to happen.

Slowly, I sat up. Any time you have a mass amount of information, some jealous madman runs in with a torch and tries to burn it down. The entire g section has been torched already. The fire, rampaging non-stop through the shelves, burning book after book, torching scroll after scroll.

It was too late. Whatever Renegade was, it didn't stop it. It only fueled the fire even more.

I've already read the file on Renegade. They praise the man who fueled this monster? Despicable. All the forbidden knowledge in here could end multiple worlds over, and since nobody could get to it, they decided to get rid of it.

Insolent children. I have sat in my chair for millions of eons, securing and locking up everything that can end the world in the Archive, and they have the audacity to burn it down? They don't know the monsters they have unleashed, the parasites that roam libraries devouring minds of children, the beasts that can destroy worlds just because people know it exists.

But then I look at the file I'm holding in my hands. This Foundation. They do what I do. They contain the threats. They know that destroying them won't do anything. All these reports they have written, all the knowledge they have. Far too powerful for one organization alone.

I turned back toward the fire. Another set of shelves housing hard drives was now burning; everything behind had been left a large pile of ash and dust.

Perhaps that is why they are burning the Archive down. They fear me. They fear what I do, they fear what I know, they fear the power I hold. I grinned and chuckled slightly. Maybe, their fire will burn these monsters down with the Archive. Maybe death will not knock today, but another day. Perhaps.

I am far too old for this job anyway. There are younger people who do it—the Foundation. They created this monster, now they'll have to deal with it.

In the first time in a million eons, I stood up from my seat. I walked over towards the shelves of information yet to be burned. A terminal stood at the shelves. Quickly, I uploaded every single piece of information yet to be destroyed into reality. The ones that would destroy the everything, I left behind. Let them burn in the fire. The Foundation will deal with everything else.

I walked slowly to my seat and wobbled back into it. I sat down, my eyes glued to the fire raging towards me. Death has never been so beautiful and fulfilling. The millions of eons flashed in my mind, all the time sitting and watching. Watching the fire grow, and recede, grow and recede. This time, the fire won't recede. Death has finally come to claim me.

I didn't run. Running won't help. I simply took Death in my arms, and let her pull me in.

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