Interview 277-A
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Interviewed: Agent Davis
Interviewer: Dr. A███
<Begin Log>

Dr. A███: Right, then. Please begin at the point where you first saw the SCP-277-██.

Agent Davis: Well, I was walking to a local diner after the end of my shift when I saw a cluster of them across the street.

Dr. A███: It would be helpful if you could include as many details as you can recall, Davis.

Agent Davis: They were in the form of, er, rabbits. Most of those are, for some reason. Regular kids imagine things from spaceships to magic beanstalks within an hour, but all I’ve seen drawn in that style are rabbits. They were huddled at a street intersection, watching the passing people and cars, I think. They don’t move very much or play like the other sketches- that’s what the personnel there have taken to calling them, sketches- mostly they watch others.

Dr. A███: You weren’t alarmed by them?

Agent Davis: What? No. No, they were pretty common by then. They didn’t really do anything hostile, so the hype about them had calmed down.

Dr. A███: Noted. Please continue.

Agent Davis: Right- well, after I walked by them, I heard this kid scream from behind me. Little girl, maybe eight years old, she’d been playing with her sketch when I passed, this winged pony thing. So I turn around and one of the rabbits is on her sketch, I’ve never seen anything moving that fast, and it was… the closest I can think of is consuming it, while the girl was going into some type of seizure. I had trouble making sense of what I was seeing at first, it looked like one huge white scribble in the air. There was no helping the girl- I was holding her so she wouldn't hurt her head against the concrete, but I’m no doctor. More of the rabbits had reached other sketches by then, and those sketches, too, were being torn apart and the kids were all screaming. And according to the documents I’ve been given, this was happening all over the town, right?

Dr. A███: That’s correct.

Agent Davis: I unloaded a [EXPLETIVE REDACTED]load of shots into the thing, but of course that didn’t help. Don’t really know why I did that. They’re all in comas now, aren’t they? The kids?

Dr. A███: Yes, they are. I think that will be all, Agent Davis.

Agent Davis: One last thing.

Dr. A███: Yes?

Agent Davis: May I request to be transferred out of SCP-277?

Dr. A███: You have already been reassigned to SCP-███.

Agent Davis: Thanks. Goodbye, then, doctor.

<End Log>

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