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Well, Christmas Eve is here, and I believe Mr. Kringle may have infected the staff with cheer, because the amount of work getting done is non existent. Of course, I'm one to talk… I'm the one who allowed them to do it, as well as stopping my own personal experiments. (Mainly because I feel bad if I indirectly allow someone to get killed horrifically at Christmas.)

I've even stopped the experiment on Emily for the past few days, and well, requisitioned some time off for her. Granted, owing to the state of her condition, she still is unready for a heavily urbanized area, but she was allowed to venture outside for a good deal, near the grove, although of course, she wasn't actually allowed inside it.

Zero's body has stabilized enough for the implantation for us to continue, and finally merge the mental body and the physical one. We're going to do it tomorrow. So, my assistant is technically going to be "born" on Christmas day. Not a bad present if I do say so myself.


I've spent most of the past few days with Zero. Since she has woken up, it has taken her three days to learn to do pretty much everything that takes a normal human child twenty years. I'm fairly sure she hasn't slept in that time, but I'm not sure she needs to.

Christmas was good, and thankfully uneventful. Most of the residents and SCP alike enjoyed what little trinkets or services they received. Emily was especially happy at what she received. I gave her a little television, one with access to most children's channels, to be available for an hour or two a day. I myself received a very nice holiday to Spain, thanks to a very special certain someone. They know who they are. Although the staff seem curiously joyous at that.

Ah, yes, Zero's name. I was pleasantly surprised when she told me of it. So many connotations, so many meanings. She told me as soon as she could form the words.


Well, the role of being a father has fallen to me these past few days, as well as site administrator. I've been easing Sophia into the real world, trying to make the transition as painless as possible, and, as expected, Sophia is taking to everything like a fish does to water. She's learned decades of research, centuries of history, over seven different languages, and still her appetite for knowledge has not been sated. Soon she might overshadow even me.

The only thing that has me worried, is that high command have decreed that since she seems to be working so well that they've ordered full scale production, albeit with some minor alterations to the original product. I realize that this is for the good for the Foundation, and the world at large, but I just can't help but feel that its cheapening the original life I brought into this world. Sentimentality… Bah, one day feelings like this will be the death of me.

Most of the on site research has been reinstated, and finally the site is getting back to work. Experimentation with Emily, and trying to improve her mental condition is continuing again, despite the fact she just wants to watch "Ruby Gloom" all the time. And I told her handlers to ration the time she has with the television… I guess we're going to have to slowly wean her off of it a little.

The excavation area has been completely ignored over the holidays, and although I, as always, lament the lack of research being performed, I can at least appreciate the fact that no one has died, mutated, or even gone insane in that area. But alas, we must continue with testing. Excavation is still disallowed, at least until we figure out what exactly is this "thing" in the center. We'll be doing testing with the bone orb. I don't want to subject Sophia to whatever danger that may be there, as she might be more susceptible to it due to her multidimensional nature.

On the bright side, I shall be leaving for my brief little holiday on Wednesday, although, it is rather unfortunate that I must leave behind the walker, and be accompanied by several armed guards, not to mention the fact I can't go sight seeing or into public places or even outside without disguise "procedures", i.e. being naked. Granted, as a dog, I have no real need for clothes, but dammit, I don't exactly enjoy being naked either. It's rather demeaning….

Dammit, I hate being a dog sometimes. I am looking forward to the food though, and my company will be superb. If, that is, they can get some sort of feeling of privacy despite the dozen or so armed guards around us. Damn.

Finally, I've returned to my home, and place of work… Took me long enough, what with several bureaucratic blunders to try and fix along the way just so I could make it back here. Seriously, why does a dog need a passport? And that bloody quarantine thing? Argh, next time I'm not leaving the country. Well, maybe.

Other than that, the trip was quite nice, though more for the company than the locale. The area was that saturated with holiday homes and the like, that it was practically a little slice of England, weather and all, which was not exactly to the liking of my palette.

In total, I saw only four actual Spaniards. And I never even managed to sample a bowl of paella, which is rather upsetting. Although we did go to this rather nice little restaurant with the most delicious steaks… Though the staff were a little apprehensive about serving a dog. Still, I spoke the language of all people, the language of money. Of course, I used someone else to say this. I'd rather not exhaust my vocabulary trying to hush up word of a talking dog.

All in all, a nice trip, but not one I will be repeating in the near future.

Sophia dealt well with my absence, managing the affairs of the site with ease, and continuing the experimentation with Emily, though she left it to me to make sure the log for said experiments are in order.

There's been a great influx of new employee's in my absence. Apparently, the Overwatch feels we need "new blood", so to speak, and for once, I happen to agree with them. Many hands make light work, as they say.

Still, I hope they don't turn out to be similar to a certain late doctor. I know it's rather rude to speak ill of the dead, but the man was completely stupid. I mean, I take risks at times, but I temper them with judgment of the situation. But doing what he did? That was practically suicide, even if Clef hadn't been involved. Bah, enough talk of a dead fool.

The experimentation on the excavation site has finally been fully authorized to commence, as it had been postponed due to the absence of the lead project director, (i.e. me). It will begin tomorrow at 0800 hours. Staff will be at full alert, and several of the test Olympians will be mobilized and ready for action should anything happen. This should be… interesting, to say the least.

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