Experiment Log 241-L02: Supplemental Testing on SCP-241
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Just as in Initial Testing, all tests on SCP-241 were carried out in Test Kitchens at Site-19, using D-class personnel for test subjects, unless otherwise indicated.

Test 241-21, ██/██/20██

Subject: Subject 241-J was chosen from general population. Health screenings indicate subject is allergic to peanuts. The severity of subject’s allergy was determined using [DATA EXPUNGED] Test.

Procedure: Subject was instructed to close and open SCP-241 several times at prescribed intervals. Each time SCP-241 was opened, the complete contents of SCP-241 were recorded and transcribed, while subject underwent [DATA EXPUNGED] Test.

Results: [DATA EXPUNGED] Test results indicated the subject’s allergy to peanuts worsened each time subject opened SCP-241. Subject’s allergy was most affected the first time he opened SCP-241, and subsequently opening SCP-241 appears to have diminishing effects. However, subject’s allergy worsened from “mild” to “severe” on [DATA EXPUNGED] Scale.

Most of the recipes in SCP-241 reappeared when subject closed and reopened SCP-241. Between 11 and 17 (inclusive) new recipes appeared each time SCP-241 was reopened. Recipes that had been replaced did not reappear. Only one “exotic” recipe was replaced, after subject had opened SCP-241 for the fourth time. Complete records of the contents of SCP-241 during this test can be found [DATA EXPUNGED].

Analysis: The effects of SCP-241 appear to follow the Law of Diminishing Returns. SCP-241 also appears to tailor its choice of recipes to the specific condition of the Target, though much more testing would be necessary to prove that theory. Suggest analysis of recipes offered during normal testing of SCP-241.

Test 241-22, ██/██/20██

Subject: Subject 241-K is a rhesus monkey. Health screenings indicated no apparent food allergies or other health problems.

Procedure: Subject was introduced to SCP-241 and encouraged to open it by handlers. Handlers were instructed to keep subject from closing SCP-241 again.

Results: Subject eventually opened SCP-241 and handlers kept it open for analysis. The contents of SCP-241 were consistent with previous results for a Target with a shellfish allergy, though again unique for the Target. Testing confirmed subject had developed an allergy to shellfish. A dish was prepared from SCP-241 by Subject 241-F and presented to Subject 241-K. Subject 241-K ate the meal without hesitation, and nine minutes later was dead from anaphylactic shock, consistent with previous testing.

Analysis: SCP-241 is just as effective on (certain) non-humans as it is on humans. The working theory now is that SCP-241 works on anything potentially susceptible to food allergies that can and does open SCP-241.

Test 241-23, ██/██/20██

Subject: Subject 241-L is a robot designed for remote manipulation of hazardous materials.

Procedure: Subject was remote controlled by [DATA EXPUNGED], who was instructed to have the subject open SCP-241.

Results: Subject opened SCP-241 via remote control. The contents of SCP-241 were identical to before it was closed previously.

Analysis: SCP-241 apparently does not respond to inorganic Targets.

Test 241-24, ██/██/20██

Subject: Subject 241-M/859-E was chosen from general population. Health screenings indicated no allergies.

Procedure: Subject was exposed to SCP-859 via touch. Subject then placed within a MOPP-4 containment suit. Subject was given SCP-241 and instructed to open it, and to keep it open.

Results: Tests on skin sample taken from subject confirm development of severe allergy to spider venom, as per usual with contact with SCP-859. [DATA EXPUNGED] producing a mild burn. SCP-241 retained its previous set of recipes.

Analysis: SCP-241 apparently requires physical contact with Subject.

Test 241-25, ██/██/20██

Subject: Subject 241-M/859-E

Procedure: Subject given a standard Class D uniform. Subject was given SCP-241 and instructed to open it.

Results: Subject dropped SCP-241 to the floor and began screaming. SCP-241 came to rest against [DATA EXPUNGED]. Subject given a mild sedative. SCP-241 contained a set of arachnid-based and themed recipes. The meal "Mr. Skeleton's Halloween Spider Snacks" was selected and prepared from SCP-241 by Subject 241-F. Due to Subject 241-M/859-E having severe arachnophobia, [DATA EXPUNGED]. Within two minutes, the subject experienced breathing difficulties and partial paralysis. This was closely followed by the typical symptoms of anaphylaxis. Immediate administration of epinephrine did not prevent the Subject from expiring.

Analysis: Although the images found in SCP-241 are typically considered pleasing or appetizing, it does not seem to have any particular sentience. Autopsy confirmed the presence of venom and neurotoxins produced by the Brazilian Wandering Spider. Upon inspection of the crate of bananas which was used for chosen dish [DATA EXPUNGED]. Helicopters ███████ ██████. Local farmers were [DATA EXPUNGED].

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