2212 Archival Interview
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Dr. Mueller: Hello, SCP-2212. I’d like to ask you a few questions about your background and goals. Firstly, the October 18 event where we recovered you from. Our sensors detected major reality disruptions consistent with cross-dimensional travel without the assistance of a Way or some other stable path, but there was also seismic activity that our best research suggests should have nothing to do with that. What produced that?

SCP-2212: Xibwcf fsgsofqvsf, fsorwbu gqfwdhg. Hvsm ofs bch hfmwbu jsfm vofr hc zsofb opcih as, ofs hvsm? Ghwzz, wh kwzz ps sbciuv. Obr sjsb tfca gssrg zwys mci qob gdfcih kcbrfcig wrsog. Mcif fsgsofqvsfg ofs qcffsqh; hvs dohv pshkssb kcfzrg rcsg bch fseiwfs gvwthwbu hvs aohhsf ct hvs kcfzrg hvsagszjsg. Pih hvs sofhveioys kog bch ibfszohsr. Twuifs wh cih.

Dr. Mueller: Ah, I don’t think I will be the one to work on that. We’ve learned enough about what you do.

SCP-2212: Fvb ohcl uva. Mvy puzahujl, ypnoa uvd, fvb hyl dvuklypun hivba tf dvyk jovpjl. Fvb ohcl ylhk hss pualycpldz dpao tl, huk ruvd aoha tf zfuahe jhu il luapylsf uvyths. Iba av kv zv dvbsk thrl thaalyz mhy avv zptwsl.

Dr. Mueller: And you’d never want that. Hm, let’s see. Since being taken into Foundation custody, you have precipitated no fewer than three significant containment breach events. Yet despite on several occasions being able to exit the facility while the guards are incapacitated, you stayed. Why?

SCP-2212: Why would I want to leave the Foundation? True, it’s hard for me to exit this chamber without first having to cause a breach, but that’s okay. You all are such excellent scientists, and I love how you never stop digging. There’s no better place for me to be.

Dr. Mueller: There! You talked normally. I’m not sure how; it’s more than just using “I” again, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. No, stop that. It won’t get you anywhere.

SCP-2212: Rs?

Dr. Mueller: Dr. Ricardo? I’m terminating the interview. This isn’t working. Try someone who doesn’t understand what they’re reading, maybe.

SCP-2212: Matm pbee ux xghnza mh atox rhn, Lhgbt Fnxeexk. Rhn pbee ux ykxxw, wh ghm phkkr. Unm uxyhkx rhn zh, patm wh rhn ngwxklmtgw tuhnm fr ftmmxk hy lixtdbgz bg mabl bgmxkobxp?

Dr. Mueller: If I listen to the sounds, you’re gibbering. I can’t even produce those sounds. But I understand you, which means that you’re in my head and have been there since I walked into the room. That must be how you did that to those guards in your last breach. Shit, we can’t talk to you at all, can we? Okay, you weren’t using “I” and I don’t think you used “a”. Is this some sort of letter substitution? But you sounded so different each time, and you spoke normally once—

Dr. Ricardo: Dr. Mueller, are you okay? Exit the room.

SCP-2212: Vkh zloo halw vkruwob. Yhub jrrg, Gu. Pxhoohu. Brx frpsuhkhqg wkh hvvhqfh ri lw, exw brxu hpsorbhuv zrxog olnhob nloo brx li brx olqjhuhg wr iljxuh rxw pruh. Zklfk zrxog eh qr jrrg iru hlwkhu ri xv.

Dr. Mueller: Luis, I’m out. Repeat, terminate the interview. I do not want to ever interact with that fucking thing again. How isn’t it Keter?

SCP-2212: Qbpgbef, bar ynfg jbeq orsber lbh ghea bss lbhe erpbeqvatf: “REALIZE”. Gurer ner frira guvatf sebz zr gung jvyy tb vagb lbhe ybtf gbqnl. Sebz rnpu, lbh znl rkgenpg gur xrl gb rnpu bs gur frira yrggref va zl svany zrffntr gb lbh gbqnl. Fvzcyl frr jung “n” jbhyq tb gb, naq nccyl gur fnzr genafsbezngvba gb gur pbeerfcbaqvat yrggre. Guvax qrrc, naq gur gehgu jvyy pbzr gb lbh.

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