2212 Archival Containment Procedures
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Special Containment Procedures:


Outline of the containment cell structure for SCP-2212. North is towards the top of the image.

Revision 20
SCP-2212 is to be contained in a cylindrical titanium chamber, 3 meters in radius by 2 meters in height. The chamber is to be lined with lead, and illuminated at all times. As SCP-2212 does not require sustenance, no personnel are to access it except for testing.

Outside this, an additional secondary containment chamber is to be constructed, with a radius of 30 meters. This chamber is to be octagonal, and radially subdivided into 8 chambers, facing in the cardinal and intercardinal directions. A guard must be present in each of these chambers between the hours of 0100 and 0230. At present, the following personnel are cleared for guard duty on SCP-2212:

  • Researcher Adamski
  • Researcher Dempsey
  • HMCL Supervisor Morris
  • Agent Ramos
  • Agent Sobong

A Class D is to be stationed in each of the three remaining chambers.

Additionally, for certain chambers, the guard is to be provided with some device useful in maintaining containment of SCP-2212 or helpful in case of a breach. No guard will have more than one. These items are:
1. One (1) rocket launcher
2. One (1) Scranton Reality Anchor
3. Two (2) containment breach alarms
4. Two (2) radiation-resistant suits

Guards are to be stationed in the eight chambers around SCP-2212 and items distributed among them according to the following rules:

  • Agent Sobong is to be in the north-facing chamber.
  • As extreme unreality could result in guards failing to notice an in-process containment breach, the Scranton Reality Anchor and the two breach alarms are to be in consecutive chambers in some order.
  • Class D personnel will not be given containment breach alarms, to further ensure accurate and timely reporting.
  • Since the rocket launcher has a tendency to fire somewhat to the right, the guard stationed in the chamber counterclockwise adjacent to the one with the rocket launcher will not be given any items.
  • After Incident 2212-30, Agent Sobong is no longer permitted to wield the rocket launcher.
  • Class D personnel must not be stationed next to each other, or else there may be collusion.
  • Agent Ramos has specialized training for low-reality situations, so is to be stationed opposite the Scranton Reality Anchor.
  • Researcher Adamski is a capable technician, and should therefore be stationed in or adjacent to the chamber with the Scranton Reality Anchor, in the unlikely event that something should go wrong.
  • That they may easily communicate, but gather sufficiently distinct perspectives, Agents Ramos and Sobong are to be stationed with exactly one chamber between them.
  • For security reasons, at least two Class D will be not given an item.
  • Should Researcher Dempsey need to reach Researcher Adamski, going counterclockwise rather than clockwise should be shorter.
  • Scientific inquiry is very important to SCP-2212, so one of the researchers will be outfitted with the radiation-resistant suits. As diversity of skillsets is important, the other will go to an HMCL Supervisor, agent, or Class D.
  • To ensure that surviving personnel are able to find each other in case of a catastrophic breach, those outfitted with radiation-resistant suits should have no more than one chamber between them.
  • HMCL Supervisor Morris has consistently refused to be stationed adjacent to researchers, citing frustration at their inability to understand the duties of an HMCL Supervisor.

This unique configuration has been found through trial and error to be the only one capable of consistently preventing containment breaches from SCP-2212. However, when properly enacted, breaches are extremely rare, and easily stopped.

Note: I'm pleased you finally found a configuration that works, and I am so glad that it doesn't need a director. As experiences go, sitting up at two a.m. with a rocket launcher was definitely a D. The week where you had me with the third item in the list, the breach alarm, was much better — I'd definitely say I was an A those times.
~ Site Director Draber

Note: Yes, it's quite the relief. I wasn't nearly as comfortable with the the breach alarm as you were. If we're giving letter grades, I was a C. Give me a radiation-resistant suit any day, and I'll be a solid A.

The Class Ds have been doing great. I'm going to submit a formal request that they be made Es.
~ Principal Researcher Ricardo

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