Document 2117-Ω-2A Recovered Materials
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The following is a log of items on SCP-2117 either retrieved or documented by MTF-Omega-2. Anomalous technology (weapons systems and fuel sources) as well as non-technological anomalies (such as literature or food of extra-universal origin) are classified as SCP-2117-A instances. Instances are classified arbitrarily as opposed to sequentially.

**Instance #:** SCP-2117-A-####/##-#####
**Primary Language:**
**Technical Contents:** 
**Local Inscriptions:**  

> * "Sample Quote"

Instance #: SCP-2117-A-205
Classification: Resource Gathering
Primary Language: French and German
Technical Contents: Several hundred probes used to drill into uninhabited planets or asteroids to gather resources. Will not drill into an inhabited planet.
Notes: Refuses to gather resources from Jupiter or Neptune.
Local Inscriptions:

  • First one to make a Probing Uranus joke ends up in the brig.
  • (Same handwriting as above) Wait. Shit.
  • (Inscribed on one of the probes) Kilroy isn't here. YET.
  • (Inscribed on the launch console) Don't try to operate this with two hands. Fucks up the input. Learned that the hard way when we lost twenty of them to a Cygnian fleet.

Instance #: SCP-2117-A-193
Classification: Food/Weapons
Primary Language: Unknown language related to Chinese and Korean
Technical Contents: A reusable explosive device that can be loaded with food and then detonated on a timer. Individuals caught in the blast radius are unharmed, and feel sated for the rest of the day.
Notes: Functions exclusively with high-protein items— sugars, oils, fats and fruits were consistently rejected by this item. However, it has been modified to function with alcohols.
Local Inscriptions:

  • Calorie bomb from the (unknown, possibly "Night-Child Conflict"). Throw it into a trench and your men are fed for a week.
  • Why is this a weapon?
  • Awesome at parties.

Instance #: SCP-2117-A-005
Classification: Transportation
Primary Language: English, Russian
Technical Contents: A series of high-speed lifts that fold out of the floor of SCP-2117. The slowest speed one of these items has been recorded at travelling is 200km/h, while the highest exceeds Mach.
Notes: Known as "Zip-Lifts". Despite the high speeds, individuals riding these items are unaffected by the momentum of sudden stops made with these items.
Local Inscriptions:

  • Whoever built these: fuck you.
  • Whatever happened to those buggies? I miss the buggies.
  • (Written with a black Sharpie marker) HOW LONG HAVE WE HAD THESE THESE ARE AWESOME

Instance #: SCP-2117-A-92
Classification: Education
Primary Language: Unknown
Technical Contents: Twelve metal desks with a folding touch-screen motion-sensitive display, capable of reading complex hand gestures as input. Has a holographic interface despite having no medium to project it on to.
Notes: Contains the data for several works of fiction and non-fiction by authors such as Johnathan Swift, William Shakespeare, Virginia Woolf, and Lewis Carrol. Several lost or non-existent works are present in this instance.
Local Inscriptions:

  • Live fast, eat shit, die young, get spaced.
  • Eat fast, get shit, live young, die spaced
  • Die fast, live shit, eat young, get spaced
  • Come up with some original material.

Instance #: SCP-2117-A-9328
Classification: Unknown
Primary Language: An unknown language consisting entirely of numbers between 17 and 44
Technical Contents: A cube of green exotic matter suspended in a metallic sphere with an array of sensors pointed at it generating text for a screen. The screen is damaged beyond repair and no way to decrypt readings from the cube have been found.
Notes: No form of input to the screen has been found.
Local Inscriptions:

  • First machine found by STRIKE TEAM BETA-X
  • Can he it even lie?
  • First machine found by STRIKE TEAM BETA-X
  • This is how many times our team passed here (if you are us again fix it): 1 3 3 (three??) 1 2 1 3 3 ? 1 1 1 1 4 1 not one 1 1 1 1 1 3 1 0 1 1 2 2 (for real this time) 3 2 four eight zero 0 (don't know) -1???? 4 4 3 1 1 3 3 not three

Instance #: SCP-2117-A-03-0192
Classification: Thermal Exchange System
Primary Language: Sanskrit
Technical Contents: Four 1. 5 km by 2.5 km retractable radiator panels connected to a system of pipes filled with liquid sodium. Pipes connect to heat sinks fitted (in most cases retro-fitted) to approximately 60% of Solidarity's systems.
Notes: In the event of damage to this system molten sodium is likely to be released into nearby compartments. Heat producing systems not currently connected should be evaluated and connected if deemed necessary.
Local Inscriptions:

  • "Warning: Molten Sodium Metal"
  • "They will die in the shadows of our wings."
  • "What an over-engineered piece of crap. Why didn't they just use Maxwell's Demon?"
  • "The beverage in this pipe is an intoxicant. I am now seriously impaired."
  • "This should work if it wasn't for the heretical symmetry. We will unfortunately need to build our own radiator system that is not offensive to the gods."

Instance #: 52-2312
Classification: Latrine
Primary Language: Papiamento, Classical Nahuatl and Marshallese
Technical Contents: Series of 36 watertight cubic booths, each with a door and containing various equipment. Four booths (numbered 6-9) contain standard Western-style commodes, two booths (numbered 28 and 29) contain squat-style floor toilets. Booths 33-36 have been combined into a single booth containing one oversized Western-style commode two meters in height. The other booths generally contain unrecognizable or unfamiliar equipment such as an apparatus resembling a treadmill, a live tree, a series of hoses and spigots which release a pungent thixotropic slime, a series of showerheads that release heated sulfuric acid, and a cylinder to which there are attached several lengths of artificial musculature resembling tongues.
Local Inscriptions:

  • (above the doors of particular booths) "Demi-Male," "Demi-Female" and "Demi-Neuter"
  • (inside a booth) "Here I sit, broken-hearted" (rest is illegible)
  • "To whomever visited this facility before me, thank you for the delicious gift"
  • (inside a booth) "We aim to please. You aim too, please"
  • (crude scatological drawing of what appears to be a scorpion wearing a helmet and reading a newspaper while excreting)
  • "Do not deposit chitinous exoskeleton in toilet"

Instance #: 58-8718
Classification: Unknown (possibly rations preparation?)
Primary Language: Khwarezmian and Quapaw (transcribed into Devanagari writing system)
Technical Contents: Large, rectangular open room with floor area in excess of 6 square kilometers but ceiling height of only 1.1 meters. Lighting apparatus in ceiling appears to simulate a night sky including several nearby but dim stars. Floor is covered with an irregular soil surface with several shallow puddles of water connected by natural-appearing waterways. Much of the soil surface is covered with moss-like plant life. Room is serviced by sophisticated climate control system capable of simulating rainfall, snow and other forms of weather, all on a miniaturized scale. Room contains an ecosystem of small animals, including large herds of mouse-sized ungulates and ant-sized pack predators. Life forms in room have been determined to be harmless to humans.
Local Inscriptions:

  • "Where the deer and the antelope play"
  • [Written in microscopic lettering, translation is conjectural] "Among our people, a [juvenile?] cannot become a [warrior?] without first slaying a [carnivore?] and consuming its [internal organ?]"
  • "There was a village in here, but I accidentally stepped on it."

Instance #: 06-0233
Classification: Rations preparation
Primary Language: Yiddish, transcribed into Duployan shorthand (archaic shorthand formerly used to transcribe French)
Technical Contents: Hydroponic mushroom-growing facility. Facility is a zero-gravity cylinder, 6 meters in diameter and 18 meters in length which rotates to simulate gravity (acceleration of 10.2 m/s2 at internal surface). Facility contains a number of trays containing unremarkable soil, Agaricus bisporus (unremarkable, human-edible common white mushrooms), and an irrigation system.
Notes: System appears to be operational. Members of OTF 2117-Ω have harvested and consumed mushrooms to supplement their rations during expeditions to SCP-2117 without adverse result.
Local Inscriptions:

  • "Mortuary. Please behave decorously."
  • "Fungus is dangerous. Do not mate with them."
  • "136.1 Hz"
  • "Please take care of these, our youngest generation."

Instance #: SCP-2117-A-0076/59-9103
Classification: Weapons platform manufactory, hangar, and catapult
Primary Language: English, Japanese, Russian, unknown language written in Cyrillic script
Technical Contents: Massive zero-g hangar containing large, humanoid weapons platforms measuring 18-20 meters in height. Armor composed of unknown superalloy containing Helium-3. Two exterior catapults on either side of hangar are presumably used for launching platforms into open space. Large blast door located at rear of hangar; leads to sub-hangar presumably used for constructing new units.
Notes: Platforms capable of flight and complex motor functions. Controls easily operable by human.
Local Inscriptions:

  • "Okay, who the hell thought giant robots were a good idea?"
  • "These things are weird, but pretty powerful."
  • "Next person to use one of these while drunk is getting thrown in the brig. Take a hint, dumbfucks."
  • "There isn't an ejection system. WHO DESIGNED THIS?"
  • (Found on bright red high-performance unit in hangar, confirmed to have been left by 2117-B-4) "Red Comet"

Instance #: SCP-2117-A-3710
Classification: Re-Entry Vehicles
Primary Language: Modern English
Technical Contents: Several large constructs designed for atmospheric re-entry. Constructs appear to be designed to be piloted by baseline humans. Constructs are similar to space shuttles in function, but with a significantly greater cargo capacity. Constructs incorporate a large amount of organic material into their construction.
Notes: Three instances were recovered from a single airlock/hangar seemingly designed to hold several dozen such vehicles. No other instances have been discovered.
Local Inscriptions:

  • "Type 04 Von Braun Landing Craft"
  • "The Engineers can have their burned and rotten world. We shall take the stars."
  • "These craft are built in honor of the men and women who were left behind. No matter how long it takes, we will return."

Instance #: 08-3335
Classification: Observatory
Primary Language: A single bright light emanates from the doorway that momentarily blinds any user who enters the room & is noted to cause nosebleeds & mild headaches. Anecdotal descriptions frequently describe seeing many nondescript or abstract images within the few moments of lingering light. Secondary languages include a unique binary-like code generated by color-coded LEDs & baseline Russian interspersed randomly with Middle English.
Technical Contents: None. The room itself is a large, empty, spherical chamber on the outer side of SCP-2117 devoid of gravity with roughly 5 cm thick walls of a transparent solid similar to glass but seemingly impervious to damage or obscuring of any kind, including painting over (paint "evaporates" on contact) & bullet holes (round ricochets wildly until stopped).
Notes: The room is oriented such that it never faces the planet SCP-2117 currently orbits, and only the surrounding cosmos is visible.
Local Inscriptions:

  • (Message received before entering room) "We Have Ascended. We Have Seen The Stars. It Is All So… Beautiful."
  • (Received immediately after above) "We have Dedicated This Room To The Ascension Of Others"
  • "This doesn't seem safe. I understand stargazing & all, but do we really need this?"
  • "We tried shooting through it. Bad idea."

Instance #: 06-3342
Classification: Crew Training
Primary Language: Script composed of lines and auxiliary symbols. Analysis reveals that it is primarily phonetic, based off of contemporary English. Further research reveals a striking similarity to the ████████ property.
Technical Contents: Large, circular room containing a multitude of simulation pods arranged in a pattern around the outer wall, each sized to fit a baseline human being. Pods contain helmets that automatically resize themselves to their wearers once put on. The main simulation is controlled via a large console at the center of the room; separate, smaller simulations can be instanced via smaller consoles at the foot of each pod.
Local Inscriptions:

  • "Be careful when exiting sim - lotta vertigo."
  • "Remember, combat training is for the surface crew, so don't go loading that shit when there's an engineering crew in here! Still bitter about that."
  • [In response to the above] "Don't come crying to me if we get boarded and you [untranslatable] can't fight them off."
  • "Please don't load explicit material into the center console. Keep that to your own instance."
  • "Training simulations are primitive. Have these people not heard of brain implants?"
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