2016 Community Survey Results

Results of the 2016 Community Survey are done! As with last year, these results are not scientific, but give a somewhat representative perspective of the community.

We had 2,662 entries this year versus 3,187 last year, this is a trending decline of 16.4%. Last year it was also a decline of 15.6% from 2014. I'd like to emphasize the importance of these surveys and appreciate those who took the time to respond to them; we appreciate the feedback, good, bad, and neutral, and will try to take it into account in the future.

And now, on to the results!

What is your gender?

What is your age?

What is your primary language?

What country do you live in?

How did you first discover the SCP Foundation?

Which of the following do you read, follow, or use?

Which of the following do you do?

What do you think about the wiki's Staff (not the in-universe Senior Staff/author avatars) and the job they're doing, individually or as a whole?

Do you have any thoughts or concerns about the direction the wiki is taking?

If you could change ONE thing about the wiki, what would it be?

SCP 2016 Survey Results by:

LurkDLurkD, DrewbearDrewbear, WrongJohnSilverWrongJohnSilver, and A Random DayA Random Day

Special Thanks to:

All 2,662 participants. We love you all.

Please contact LurkDLurkD if you have any questions.

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