2014 Community Survey Results

First of all, thanks to everyone who participated in the survey! It gave us some interesting information and feedback on what people think, and we appreciate all the comments, good, bad, and neutral.

In the end, 3774 people answered the survey. Some of the questions may have different numbers, but that's because of A) some people not completing the survey, B) some people giving obviously joke answers, which we didn't count, and C) some answers getting included in multiple categories (people who said they spoke more than one language getting counted in all of them, for example).

Please note that this was far from being a scientific survey. The numbers herein might approximate the larger community (including people who aren't members of the main wiki), but do not necessarily match the stats of the larger community. So long as you go into this knowing this is more for fun than absolute scientific accuracy, there are some neat results.

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