Everything Reminds Me of Him

I won't betray the one person who's offered a semblance of warmth in this cold place. The next time he gets out - and he will - he'll find me. I know he will.

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When they first brought him in, summer of 93, I wasn't sure what to think. There was a period of uncertainty, as there always is with a fledgling romance, where you don't know if your love is reciprocated, or if he even knows that you've been eyeing him in his cell during every cleaning. It's like my life depended on watching him… That's the type of attraction you can't just forget or ignore.

I got myself assigned to cleaning duty after the handlers thought I deserved a reward for good behavior. They let me pick one anomaly to be apart of testing for, and I just knew I was picking him. Sure, they were confused for a while about why I would pick such a dangerous job, but they didn't need to know my reasons, so I just left them wondering.

How could I describe him? I watched him for so long, yet it's like I gaze upon his handsome features for the first time every time. His shapely curves, that adorable mouth, and those red splotches on his face. He's self-conscious about it, but I always tell him that birth marks are natural. You should never be ashamed of how you were born…

But that's the thing, isn't it? They lock him up in that cell just because he was made differently than everybody else, and because they think he's dangerous. After that incident in 2012, they told me I couldn't see him anymore because he killed those people, but what do they expect? You don't lock somebody up like that, torture them for years, and then expect them to be nice. If only I had been given more time with him, maybe none of that would've happened. All he needed was a friendly ear, and potentially more… They want to use me against him. They thought maybe his love for me would overshadow his desire for bloodshed, but they were wrong.

Shove x entity into the chamber, write down what he does. It was routine testing, except x was defined by me. They told me to keep looking at him until they could close the door. "Don't blink." We hadn't spoken in weeks, but there was a silent agreement between us. Before they even began to close the door, he was gone. All it took was a single blink. A blink, then a snap, then a siren.

I ran out, hoping to calm him down - He always regrets these outbursts later - but I was too late. Red was splattered along the walls, corpses with white coats and bullet-proof vests making it hard to walk. I could feel the wind rushing through the room when he took a life, almost knocking me down. I spun around and around in circles hoping to lock my eyes onto his body and stop this carnage, but he was too fast. I chased him through the halls for what felt like hours, and it finally paid off. I could see him, standing there. I knew the blood should've been off-putting, but on his face it blended in. It was a mark of strength.


He's towering in front of me now, cradling me in his arms. The concrete rubs roughly against my neck, but the pain serves as a reminder of where I stand. He's protecting me. He loves me.

I could stop him. The lights beaming through the windows and the sounds of helicopters indicated they were here for him. All I had to do was not blink and he would be back in that cell in half an hour… but I can't betray him like that. What kind of lover would I be if I aided in his capture? I might be able to keep his affection if I let him go.

If I just blink.

They don't let me see him anymore. They keep him locked up in a box, away from any eyes that could gaze upon his beauty. His curves used to lure me in, trapping my gaze, but now I can't even look at him without both of us being observed. It's like they're terrified of what we could do together, if they don't watch us. Our love is too powerful for them…

They keep trying to get answers, but I won't talk. I won't betray the one person who's offered a semblance of warmth in this cold place. The next time he gets out - and he will - he'll find me. I know he will.

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