10 Years Birthday SCParty

Moved to wikidot, 2008. Origin is not unknown.

A decade ago during the golden age of creepypasta, SCP-173 was posted to /x/.

Today, the descendants of that one unique story populate this wiki. Thousands of SCPs, Tales, and characters have appeared in 173’s wake, each enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of readers worldwide. Readership continues to grow, fuelled by the talent and dedication of the SCP Foundation’s contributors and fans.

So let’s toast to 10 years, and toast again to 10 more.

A brief celebration of 233 words.

This isn’t a contest; it’s a challenge. And the focus of this challenge is the origin of it all; SCP-173.

Produce a Tale about 173, as it’s written in the original article. A classic creepypasta monster, frightful in its simplicity and malice. Around your throat, a harsh snap. Concrete and rebar; origin is as of yet known.

Your submission must involve 173 as written, but otherwise may be executed in any way you see fit. This is not a terrifically serious challenge; it’s more like SCP-EX than a full on contest. This is meant as a chance for anyone who feels like it to jump in and write or create their own pieces about the The Original. An intimate bit of horror, coming out of nowhere, and a simple but inevitable danger to it.

It’s all for fun. Just like the rest of the wiki.


  1. Entries must involve SCP-173, as written, as part of the narrative.
  2. Entries can be as long or as short as you want, stretching over multiple articles or centered on a single page.
  3. No significant edits after the entry has been posted. If you wouldn't do it to someone else's work, don't do it to your own until the contest ends.
  4. Challenge entries will go through the normal deletion process.
  5. Entries must be new. You may not edit or suggest an existing document for this contest.
  6. Entries open at 11:59 PM EST on June 9th, 2017 and the initial submission period will last until 9:59 AM EST on Monday June 19th, 2017. Submissions posted between these dates will receive a neato banner to place at the top of their submissions. for this initial submission period have passed! All pieces written during the aforementioned period received said neato banner. Future entries will not. Don't let that stop you - please feel free to continue contributing if you happen to be struck by concrete inspiration.
  7. Tag your entries with '173fest'.

This is a for-fun challenge hosted by Dexanote. Please forward any question to him via Wikidot PM or IRC.

FAQ Questions

  • "Why is it being held on these dates…?"

So SCP-173 was originally posted on 4chan in 2007. We do not know exactly when, but do know that it was posted ‘around a month’ before the Doctor Who episode “Blink” originally aired. Blink aired on June 9, 2007.

  • "What about [insert format screw]?"

You're encouraged to create and submit format screws like songs, games, text adventures, videos, or whatever else. This is not a format-screw focused contest, nor is it a medium-based contest. It is a celebration of 10 years on the wiki. Non-SCP format screws should be tagged as "tale" and with “173fest”, whether they're a Tale or something else.

  • "What about alternate canons?"

Tales set in alternate canons (For example, Broken Masquerade) are allowable, but should still focus on SCP-173 as close to how it is written on the wiki. If you set a Tale in an alternate canon, make a line at the top of the story clearly stating that "This tale is set in [X Canon]." and tag it properly.

  • "Are -Joke SCPs eligi-"

If it’s a legitimate joke that doesn’t crowd out with SCP-173-J, and is not a rehash of SCP-173-Olé.

  • “This is basically yet more 173 fanfiction. What gives? Can’t you come up with a better idea for an anniversary thing?”

The entire site is 173 fanfiction. This challenge is meant as a fun little one-week thing in between actual major contests; we’re not wanky enough to create a massive multi-week contest for the site’s anniversary, and Dexanote wanted to do something small but appropriate for the 10 years since 173 was posted. So here we are.

  • “Can I rewrite SCP-173 with today’s standards?”

That’s a really uncreative thing to try and do for this and seems like a waste of effort. 173 is a product of its time and is perfectly fine as a testament of where we come from; put your creativity towards creating something of your own featuring 173.

  • "Are reinterpretations of 173 out of the question?"

As I said in the discussion, the idea is to be a kind of celebration of the origin of the site. That being said, a well written tale featuring something that is recognizably 173 will not be rejected.


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