144-Hour Jam Contest Two

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Come on and slam…

And welcome to the second 144-Hour Jam Contest!

A jam contest, you say? What's that?

It's simple. From March 9th through March 15th, you will write three stories over a six-day period, competing for honor, glory, and meaningless prizes. This contest is designed to squeeze inspiration out of you and see what kind of works you can produce in an accelerated timeframe.

The Winners

The 2020 144-Hour Jam Contest Two THEME GRAND PRIZE goes to RounderhouseRounderhouse, who submitted an entry for each theme and secured a total of 396 upvotes:

The 2020 144-Hour Jam Contest Two FORMAT GRAND PRIZE goes to Uncle NicoliniUncle Nicolini, who submitted an SCP, Tale, and GoI Format and secured a total of 175 upvotes:

The Day One Winner:

The Day Two Winner:

The Day Three Winner:

Congratulations to the winners! Thank you to everyone who participated, and especial thanks to Elenee FishTruckElenee FishTruck, NaepicNaepic, and MalyceGravesMalyceGraves for collecting and tallying up the final scores!

The Themes

Dawn of the First 2 Days: EXPLOSIONS

Theme One Winners:

Judge's Awards!

Theme One Entries

Dawn of the Second 2 Days: Delicious

Theme Two Winners:

Judge's Awards!

Theme Two Entries

Dawn of the Third 2 Days: More Than Meets The Eye

Theme Three Winners:

Judge's Awards!

Theme Three Entries:

Contest and Rules

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