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In the early 21st century, anomalous activity associated with GoI-005 "Fifth Church" greatly diminished for unknown reasons. For nearly a century, Fifthist activity on Earth was almost nonexistent. However, increased contact with the wider universe in the late 21st century and beyond revealed the continued existence of Fifthist practices similar yet distinct to Terran Fifthist traditions.


The following poem was found engraved on a slab on Epsilon 555-5 (colloquially known as "Qintnep"). Qintnep was already notable for its use of a Terran English-descended language despite minimal contact pre-22nd century C.E., presumed anomalous but explained via standard disinformation campaign.

While similar to standard 21st century Foundation English in spelling, pronunciation, and orthography, 21st century Qintnepian English incorporates several words not easily pronounceable by standard human physiology. While many of these words can be explained by dialectal and physiological variation, several have phonological characteristics clearly drawn from pangalactic Fifthist glossolalia.

Weathering and erosion analysis placed the carving of the poem to circa 2015 C.E. to 2050 C.E. The poem has been transcribed in its entirety with no alterations to spelling or grammar. Where necessary, standard Foundation English definitions or terms that best match the known connotations for these words have been given.

Anomalous/Poetic Analysis:

The poem consists of five stanzas, each of five lines. Each stanza follows an AABAA rhyme scheme, where the B is held consistent across all five stanzas. Furthermore, the poem is written in iambic pentameter, though the poet breaks from said pentameter in stanzas 2, 3, and 4.

Stanza 5 adheres to iambic pentameter throughout.

Investigations are ongoing into whether the poem's content is neo-Fifthist apologia or genuine revelation.

This poem is safe to read aloud.

1 Staar Cuttt 2 5

I raised my eyes beyond the taunting stars

The pitch, the fractal void that spoke of tar

And felt my God was dead; by arrow rent

A wound from marble thought so deep afar,

A blue void bright in God; a hole ffvar1.

They tore it, broke it, ignorant fearful

Hate, the blacktal2 of God's fruitful

Gift that in our souls consent, rise, ferment,

Repent, enlighten each, all apostle.

Aliens thought that God's gift was awful

A weeping tearing of I came to pass

They slew my god, and I was now tlazs3

To break their world; their dream-space I make bent

I call the chant; let crawl the blacktal mass

But horror strikes: my breath is merely gas

I knew it then, that truly God was dead.

Where purpose was, now bloomed the sevvenn4 dread

I journeyed pink; my life was mine to end

In God, or husk, was there I'd lay my head

And sleep and dream of fives. My final bed.

At edge of Blue, I saw a truth of kqive5:

It wasn't dead, or something stayed alive

My spirit rose and back to life was sent

And smokest incense burned for Them, my tithe.

Not Gone, Not Dead, But SDVLT6. For God is Five5 5 5 5 5.


  1. Irreparably damaged. Annihilatory. Frayed. Bleeding. Transformational. Unclear pronunciation, monosyllabic.
  2. Black smoke associated with Fifthist phenomena.
  3. Despair that drives one to revenge. Inspired fury. Depressed. In a fugue state. Disembodiment. Monosyllabic.
  4. Pronounced "seven". It is unclear why the word is spelled with seven letters.
  5. Divinity. Intuition. Orgasm. Suicide. Mathematical certainty.
  6. Divided. Split. Reborn. Empowered. Fivefold. Unclear pronunciation, monosyllabic.

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