049 x minion x reader (reader is a minion) (blame varaxous im sorry)


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Canon Hub » From 120's Archives Hub / Cack Hub » 049 x minion x reader (reader is a minion) (blame varaxous im sorry)
Creck Fection Contest 2 (TWO DAY EXTRAVAGANZA!) » 049 x minion x reader (reader is a minion) (blame varaxous im sorry)

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dr minion1

dr minion2 was at his office in site-120 when phone rang "hello this is director rivera i need u very much doctor minion ur a very important asset i need your help in 049 because they shipped us 049"

doctor minion was naturally automatically flushed because he never thought he'd meet 049 "funny doctor? funny cure?", he thought "funny plague man? in my site?"

"yes the doctor has arrived he needs ur help very much dr minion. he said he has a romantic problem and as you are our most valuable asset when it comes to romance you need to help plz" the voice from within the phone said, almost excited

"i will dont worr"

doctor minion was really happy because he always wanted to meet scp-049 (and also 999 (uwu we stan) and maybe 682 (omg scary 😱😱😱😱)) as he was a long time fan so he was naturally really excited to take an interview with him. as minion ran quickly as a minecraft minecart on redstone powered railes he arrived at 049's containment cell shortly after3

as doctor minion opened the doors into the room he saw the most beautiful thing he ever witnessed…

"scp-049…." he said, coming close. "what happened"


please let the pain stop

scp-409 was nothing like he was before… he had become a… a… no! a… furry!

"094… no…" minion said, looking at 0-49's newly gotten cat ears and an uwu tail. "escipe… what happened…"

the doctor looked at minion with a raw nya4 in his eyes, all happy like he never was before. he was playful like a cat, with a wild smile showing on his face.

"uwu mr minion, what is the problem," 049 said, jumping from the sofa like a feline he never was. "do you hate me, minion-kun?" the doctor said, tears going down his face…

"no…!" doctor minion said, starting to cry himself. "no 049 please dont cry i just dont recognise you…"

minion paused for a second…

"what happened big guy?5 I… I don't cregonise you mr doctor. please xplain2"

"rawr," the doctor said, crawling on da floor with a ball near to dr minion. "i have met a very special someone that showed me how to become hap[py again///

the doctor paused, taking a breath in and looking at the doctor tools in the corner of the room

"you see i was really unhappy with my job no one wanted to listen to me wanting to make the cure6… but now, i have become happy again. after i met minion-kun, that is…"

"m-minion kun?!" dr miniono said, not believing his earz "m… me…?"

the plague doctor flusghed, knowing he had made a msitake "no… not you, dr minion. the other minion!"

as the plague doctor said these words, a small blue dwatrf came to the room from the site caffeteria (he wasn't employeed here previously). uypon noticing him the doctor smilied


you will be forgotten after your death

"this is minion-kun!" he said, hugging the small man.

"but… isnh't this… no… it cxouldn't be…. you wouldn't enjoy anything league of legends, would you…" doctor minion said, recognising the small man as a minion from league of legends7

"but how…" minion (the doctor) said, trying to understand… "how did a nonexistent character from a videogame come to life…"

"fuck if i know"

"that's fair" the vrave foundation doctor said, tears of hapiness in his eyes " i am so happy uou found hapiness 0498"

"me too" said the other minion, hugging both of them hapilly, like they were always familee, despite none of them being real


you will die alone

Notice from Site-120 Director Council

During the morning hours 01/04/2021, Site-120 had undergone a CK-Class Reality Restructuring Scenario, resulting in a total of 20 minutes of total dimensional chaos within the vicinity of said building. The following is the only recorded evidence of such event, being an altered version of documentation previously concerning the Site's renovation plans. Due to numerous testimonies by Site-120 personnel, it's believed to have entirely taken place.

Further research into this event revealed that it was most likely caused by a dying dimension momentarily colliding with baseline Site-120 and it temporarily intercepting some of its traits as a result.

Further research into this reality as well as the identity of "Dr. Minion" is ongoing.

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