Writing Challenges List
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Looking for inspiration for your next piece? Want to put your writing skills to the test? Bored and up for some writing shenanigans? Join others and take on a challenge!

This is a list of writing challenges/prompts generated by site members in the Research and Resources forum. The list was formerly contained in a forum thread, but has been moved here for visibility and tidiness.

For a challenge thread to be added here, it must have either one or both of the following:
- At least five “I’m interested” or “I’m doing this” comments/posts, from different users. A challenge should be inspirational to authors and encourage discussion!
- At least one successful page on the site that resulted from the challenge. A challenge should produce good work and fun!

Please read the entirety of the challenge thread if you would like to participate in a challenge as an author! The descriptions listed are just small snippets of greater wholes. Happy writing!

Note: If you’ve made a new challenge thread and it could use more attention, you may make a post in this page discussion proclaiming the glory and awesomeness of your new challenge thread. One post per challenge thread; duplicates or bump posts will be deleted. Keep it fair to all new challenge-makers!

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