Wondertainment and the Woeful Whippersnapper
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A homeless boy roosted on the street,
He said to himself; "this is quite a suite!"
Even with such luxury, the boy felt lonely.
Surely having someone with him would make his corner a little more homely.

The boy searched over here and over there, over the hill and under the stairs,
But alas, no one was there for him, not even the bears!
But there's always hope, and for it, there's no need to grope.
And this young boy's hope lied in a certain dope.

There appeared a magical man on a magical pony,
It was obvious he was no phony.
A certain, magical man has been lifted from his slumber,
To help this poor boy find wonders of any number!

His stylish mane was bountiful, his steed's; a little less.
His stylish tophat was unforgettable, he was amazingly dressed!
It had to be, it couldn't have not, it was the great Wondertainment,
The wonderful Dr Wilbert William Windsor Wondertainment!

Dr Wondertainment voices to the child;
Like a hinkypunk1 and its follower, you must follow a beast that is wild.
A tyke wanders these streets, just like you do!
Think of him as my gift to you.

The boy thanked Dr Wondertainment as he flew back into space.
Before long, the boy found a shaggy dog walking at a slow pace,
It was glowing a warm glow and its hair was flowing a beautiful flow.
The boy followed suit, he thought this is what Wondertainment meant, and he had to know.

Like a hinkypunk and its follower, like a leader and its followers.
He knew if he wanted a friend, he would follow her.
The dog turned around; they were facing each other,
They thought they were similar, one another.

The dog jumped happily up to the boy,
The boy thought to himself, this moment is one to enjoy.
It was a luxury for him, to have a friend.
A luxury he could hardly comprehend.

The boy and the dog headed back to their corner,
It definitely did make his corner a little warmer.
And there was only one person he owed for this blessing
The great Dr Wondertainment and his wonderful life lesson.

This Poem was read out by Researcher Alexander Bass, who was assigned to record previous findings of Dr. Wondertainment as audio files. After reading that out he proceeded to report multiple events and discoveries, which went as followed:

"That was a poem made by that Wondertainment person. The poem is named 'Wondertainment and the Woeful Whippersnapper.' Starring a shaggy dog, a homeless boy and Dr Wondertainment himself. It was posted on multiple video sharing websites as a 2-minute long animated film. The videos were taken down by us in an effort to keep their production and selling levels low.

We are unsure if this was made as a ploy for a company, or was made as a ploy for an individual; a different kind of ploy. This poem did show Wondertainment as a person, but for all we know that could've simply been their mascot, or a fake person, or another bearer of that Wondertainment moniker… bah.

Whether or not this Wilbert person is or isn't the real Wondertainment, I believe that this information has gotten us one step closer to figuring out what this whole Wonder-filled mess is."

With a cut sigh, Bass ended his speech and stopped recording. The recording was then sent to administration in order to be looked over and catalogued.

Bass thought to himself, "It's obvious, this Wondertainment fellow doesn't exist. But who am I to know? In a world full of monsters, rips in spacetime and anomalies, why can't there exist a magical man that brings you your utmost wonder." Bass wanted to believe, and he would. There was still some wonder in him, and the existence of the mighty and wonderful Dr Wondertainment brought it out!

The shaggy dog in this amazing poem was a symbol of Wondertainment's creations and the wonder they bring. And the fact that the poor and glum boy still had his wonder intact had let the wonderful Wondertainment bring the two together with a bedazzling adhesive called love!

Children, believe in Wondertainment. There'll be a Shih Tzu waiting for you.

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