Who Killed Head Researcher Jamison?
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The site security teams stand side-by-side another in a straight line near the front gates of Site 87, the scorching sun reflecting off their helmets. Randal, the Chief of Security at Site 87, exits from Site 87 and gives a suspicious glance at the row of soldiers. His large figure and intimidating gaze was unnerving for some of the rookies among the crowd. Some thought of him as cool due to him getting a supposed scar from SCP-682 or whatever other Keter a rumor claims. Others just saw him as a force not to reckon with.

"Alright, I have a real simple question and I want real simple answers. As you all may know, hopefully, you were called here in regards to an incident." His eyes dart side to side dramatically. "Who killed Head Researcher Jamison?"

The row of soldiers look at one another nervously. Randall moves slightly closer to the group and continues to speak.

"Last night, Jamison was shot repeatedly and his arm was cut off during a staff party. Who did it?" He says as his scowl intensifies. "There are no anomalies contained on-site and definitely nothing breached into the facility."

"He did, sir!" exclaims a guard at the end of the row pointing at the opposite end. Randall and the guards turn their heads to see a mass of tentacles and blinking eyes whose body crudely fits into a guard uniform and happily wave a severed arm and pistol. Randall looks back towards the guard who spoke and says, "Son, that's just Richie. Also, he is barely of legal age to attend staff parties."

"What? S-sir, he is holding a severed arm-"

"Shut up" interrupts Randall, "I will not tolerate this intolerance. Come here." The guard walks up to Randall who delivers a mighty punch to the guard's stomach. "Now back to the subject."

The guard now lies on the floor in pain as a tentacle slithers around his ankle, dragging him towards the approaching eldritch mass of eyes and tentacles.

"Who did it?" Randall says once more while behind him Richie is tearing the guard's leg and shooting him. The other guards stare on at the scene, but are snapped back by Randall. "God dammit. Someone fucking killed Jamison and I will find out…" Randall says as he ignores the splattering of blood on him along with the screams.

"…One way or another."

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