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General Info:
I have eaten a cubic foot of chicken parmesan in under 10 minutes. My Dad is the ultimate being. I have the same birthday as my two best friends. I have a weird fixation on pineapple. Popeye is the strongest anime character of all time. I am fated to die in an IHOP. I love you.

I am good at writing either comedic or horror articles. In comedic terms, I tend to have slightly sophomoric humor, but with some help I can branch out. In terms of horror, I am good at making monsters, but not many other vectors of the genre. I will never use a non-standard object class.

I am open to collabs, as they are fun, and it is cool to see other people's takes on your ideas.

I frequent the chat, so if you need me check there or just leave a tell.

If you dislike any of my works, let me know why, so I can fix them.

Articles Written (Oldest To Newest):

It's about owls. Co-authored with Zyn.

Magic rubber pants that take you to the mud world.

Mosquitoes suck. Even when they're dead.

Magic Bicycle Of Pain. One of my funnier articles.

The Sandbox Of Way Too Many Ideas:

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