Uraniumempire's Personnel File
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Name: Eleanor U███████ Empira

Occupation: IT Technician

Clearance level: null okay fuck you guys give me my key card already


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Info Cut, cut! What are you, amateurs? Check out more of my articles here! SCP-1285 in a temporary containment area. Item #: SCP-1285 Object Class: Safe Special...
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Info import sciper.2193.*; import sciper.tu2677.*; public class ego Main { Check out more of my articles here! Part of SCP-2677-1. Item #: SCP-2677 Object Class: Keter...
tags: 2000 container electronic foundation-made keter mind-affecting sapient scp sentient

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Item #: SCP-3428 Object Class: Euclid Special Containment Procedures: Reports regarding the discovery of SCP-3428 are to be investigated immediately, and the instance is to be secured as soon as...
tags: automaton avian engraved euclid hostile omnivorous scp statue

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Info Highway Ash See you soon, mom! Tracklist: Life Imitates the Black Mirror 7:06 Mutual Entombment 4:38 Cross-Contaminated Cat Sausage 2:51 Inscribed on my Blood Vessels 5:05 Bandages Just Give...
tags: auditory cognitohazard intangible keter knowledge memetic mind-affecting musical scp veronica-fitzroy

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Item #: SCP-3472 Level 2/3472 Object Class: Keter Classified SCP-3472 in its containment area. Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3472-1 has been converted into Containment Area-██....
tags: biohazard building furniture glass indestructible k-class-scenario keter light scp structure

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Info Excerpt from '11 Ways to Spruce Up that Marriage' now, of course, you're gonna want to make sure you don't have any children, unless the child is your problem. In that case, it'll clean...
tags: autonomous document euclid extremity hostile mind-affecting organic ritual scp

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Info You're kidding, right? The odd woman sat stoic at her desk. Our statistics are peer reviewed and verified before publication. Now sir, unless you want to continue defending these...
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Info Can you feel it, Yehezkel? Your bones grinding to dust, your mind withering away, your soul trembling in terror? Savor this moment. It means you can feel. Check out more of my articles here!
tags: antimemetic building entropic geological infohazard keter knowledge location maria-jones memory-affecting meta scp subterranean uncontained vermian

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Info There was always a thought, however fleeting, that a single weapon could win the war for the Reich; that our glorious engineers could construct the rough beast that doomed the degenerate...
tags: asci autonomous biological computer electronic historical hostile keter mechanical metallic military obskura predictive reviewers-spotlight sapient satellite scp self-repairing telepathic transmission uncontained weapon

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2/3472-J LEVEL 2/3472-J CLASSIFIED Item #: SCP-3472-J Object Class: Safe Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3472-J is to be stored inside a padded locker in the High Value Anomalous Object...
tags: container doctor-cimmerian glass jam-con2019 joke liquid safe scp self-repairing sleep

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Item #: SCP-4690 4/4690 Object Class: Neutralized Classified Special Containment Procedures: Consensus reality regarding the literary work Madame Chrysanthème and its associated adaptations has...
tags: arachnid doctor-cimmerian narrative neutralized scp zyn-kiryu

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NOTICE FROM THE FOUNDATION RECORDS AND INFORMATION SECURITY ADMINISTRATION Following the implementation of the Kraken Protocol on 27/06/1963, containment procedures for SCP-378 have been updated....
tags: alive animal arthropod asci doctor-bright empathic hive-mind insect neurological omnivorous parasitic reproductive sapient scp sentient telepathic thaumiel unusual-incidents-unit

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Threat Level: Yellow Following the regular implementation of Procedure 610-Sinclair, SCP-4495 has achieved sufficient ectoentropic stability, and is no longer considered at risk of instigating an...
tags: animal biological cadaver ectoentropic food furniture hostile humanoid k-class-scenario keter ophidian scp self-repairing

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Threat Level: Green Special Containment Procedures: The land surrounding SCP-4952 has been purchased by the Foundation from the United States government. Due to the nature of SCP-4952, no further...
tags: doctor-gears humanoid location loop safe sarkic scp sentient thad-xyank vehicle

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From: MRoberts4@Scipnet (Agent Macie Roberts, Classification Level Nx-56/4886; Employee Number 4947) To: CStephens6@Scipnet (Director Cian Stephens; Classification Level XF-4; Employee Number 1048)...
tags: euclid humanoid location reproductive scp sexual uncontained vermian


D-7294's Declassified D-Class Survival Guide
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Info Desk. Magical, grants wishes? Looks fancy. Roommate, transgender felon, claims a fairy lives inside. Crescent shaped hole? Check out more of my articles here! D-952,...
tags: d-7294 tale veronica-fitzroy

The Last Things Dr. Darryl Loyd Ever Did, in Chronological Order
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Info The Wheel of Life turned, and the bearing fell onto the nearest spoke. Check out more of my articles here! Nominated for Best Overall in the 2018 Foundies. With...
tags: tale veronica-fitzroy

Baptism of the Wandering Jew by Johnny the Son
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Info Cousin Johnny gave Veronica a pat on the back, and Veronica froze up. Jay? J kept their head face down on the desk, but they wouldn't cry. They weren't supposed to. Jay. Austin...
tags: tale veronica-fitzroy

Degenerate Art
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you will be glad to know, however, that Queen Maven is repulsed by salt, and unable to cross its barrier. Do be warned, however: Queen Maven is still a child of the Unseelie Queen, and there is a...
tags: are-we-cool-yet goi2019 tale

David Cameron Fucked a Dead Pig
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This tale is NSFW. No dead pigs were fucked in the making of this story. Fuzzbutt, the magical cat butt that walked on its own, struggled in Veronica's grasp; this was normal for her, as it was with...
tags: adult tale veronica-fitzroy

Last Minute Resistance
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Graphic depictions of abuse ahead. Proceed with caution. Alonso Álvaro Andino didn't like Ways, and especially not ones that went too far out. Very especially, Alonso did not enjoy taking several...
tags: are-we-cool-yet goi2019 tale

Beef Albini in Fusion Sauce with a Side of Fruit
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This tale is NSFW. Like, really NSFW. 22-year-old Isabella Kawajiri's fingers bled in and out of barbed tentacles as they idly plucked the strings of her beloved L7 Astrocaster Bass, whispering dull...
tags: adult scarlet-king tale veronica-fitzroy

Nadox and the Mekhanite
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Credit to Perelka_L. The sun rose, and Nadox wandered. Where to, where from, in days of the Daevites it was a question of importance, a question begged by the still-aching wounds left by bloodied...
tags: broken-god co-authored collab-con2019 daevite sarkic scarlet-king tale

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Item #: SCP-166 Level 2/166 Object Class: Keter Classified Threat Level: Black Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of SCP-166, all propositions regarding SCP-166 are to be reviewed...
tags: doctor-clef kindness nobody serpents-hand tale

Are We Gentrified Yet?
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From: krd.liamhcrot|ehtrotaruc#krd.liamhcrot|ehtrotaruc To: krd.liamhcrot|citircasydobon#krd.liamhcrot|citircasydobon Subject: I'm at my limit. Date: February 1st, 2018 at 15:31:59 Hey, Critic. Sure...
tags: are-we-cool-yet backdoor-soho broken-god co-authored gamers-against-weed mister robert-bumaro sarkic tale


Uraniumempire's Personnel File
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Personnel File Characters Research Work What I've Learned From Writing Content Warnings Author Living Will Advice and Appropriate Music vandalize this tab i guess Name: Eleanor U███████ Empira...
tags: author collaboration

When Will You Die for the Last Time in My Dreams - Hub
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but people like you, you’re just blinded by you own self hate and everybody’s rooting for you when will you listen up or just keep writing me off, writing me off, you just keep writing me off~Pool...
tags: backdoor-soho hub veronica-fitzroy

Young and Under 30 Reboot Workbench
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UNDERREAD AND UNDERRATED + FAQ - FAQ What's this? Underread and Underrated is a project intended to shine a spotlight on, well, underread and underrated pages! oh neat. What's the blurb for? As...
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The Trashfire
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The Trashfire The Stories (in rough chronological order) Unsteady Foundations Empty Husks Broken Hearts Iron Works Stories about the Foundation trying its best. SCP-3721: Obsolete Weapons...
tags: hub


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