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Greetings. If you have found your way here, then you are interested in the SCP writings of TuftoTufto, purveyor of fine Skips since he finally worked out how to write one successfully.

These Skips quite often revolve around Iran and Iranian history, since that is one of Tufto's main interests. In more general terms, Tufto's skips often revolve around weird pocket dimensions/temporal anomalies/complete breakdowns of reality. They tend to include strange and broken people trying to do good things, with varying results.

Tufto's sandbox is here. Tufto is always happy to hear critiques of things he's working on, however damning they are. Tufto will now stop speaking in this obnoxious third-person voice, because even he's getting irritated by it.

Notes on Tufto's writings:

Tufto's Iranian History SCPs

Tufto's "Let's mess about with reality" SCPs.

Tufto's Surreal SCPs.

Tufto's other SCPs.

Tufto's Tales.

Links to Things That Tufto Has Written:

The odd nature of the tables is due to me deleting my account a while back, and so having to crib this together manually. This is also why all my skips prior to SCP-3838 are labelled as being written by "account deleted". If anyone knows how I can make this more cohesive, please tell me! I know nothing about this stuff :p.

Regular Skips:

SCP-3941 (+107, 18)

SCP-3013 (+59, 18)

SCP-3150 (+129, 24)

SCP-3997 (+123, 21)

SCP-3514 (+66, 15)

SCP-3799 (+233, 27)

SCP-3699 (+100, 18)

SCP-3444 (+106, 28)

SCP-3553 (+70, 21)

SCP-3501 (+54, 13)

SCP-3979 (+96, 18)

SCP-3722 (+72, 13)

SCP-3996 (+57, 17)

SCP-3838 (+151, 28)

SCP-3068 (+71, 16)

SCP-3593 (+39, 11)

SCP-3137 (+112, 22)

SCP-3986 (+46, 10)

Tufto's Proposal (+222, 55)

SCP-4005 (+168, 29)


Things people have drawn/painting/created in a visual medium of things that Tufto has written:

Things people have recorded/adapted/created in an auditory medium of things that Tufto has written:

Site 42 adaptation of SCP-3979
Perelka_L reads Tum-Tum-Tum-TUM-Tum-Tum-Tum-TUM-TUM-TUM
Site 42 adaptation of SCP-3444 (link to Part 1)

Addendum TUFT-1:

For those interested in my favourite Skips, so they can see the kind of stuff that influences me most, they are SCP-2823 (an atrociously underrated piece), SCP-2188, SCP-3733, SCP-3930, SCP-2513, SCP-3380, SCP-3043, SCP-2508, SCP-2747 and my absolute favourite SCP-2072.

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