Tufto's Author Page

This is the author page of TuftoTufto, one of the Wiki's leading Z-list skip authors.

My sandbox is here. I am always happy to hear critiques of things I'm working on, however damning they are.

My Writings:

The odd nature of the tables is due to me deleting my account a while back, and so having to crib this together manually. This is also why all my skips prior to SCP-3838 are labelled as being written by "account deleted". If anyone knows how I can make this more cohesive, please tell me! I know nothing about this stuff :p.



Salt Magic Blues (+15, 1)

Freedom, Forever (+41, 11)


Fan Art of My Writings:

Readings/Audio Adaptations of My Writings:

Site 42 adaptation of SCP-3979
Perelka_L reads Tum-Tum-Tum-TUM-Tum-Tum-Tum-TUM-TUM-TUM
Site 42 adaptation of SCP-3444 (link to Part 1)

Addendum TUFT-1:

For those interested in my favourite Skips, so they can see the kind of stuff that influences me most, they are SCP-2823 (an atrociously underrated piece), SCP-2188, SCP-3733, SCP-3930, SCP-2513, SCP-3380, SCP-3844, SCP-3043, SCP-2508, SCP-2747 and my absolute favourite SCP-2072.

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