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Item #: SCP-BLUE

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-BLUE does not currently require any containment procedures. In the event that containment of SCP-BLUE becomes necessary, it is to be contained via the following method:

1. All available staff are to begin jumping up and down on SCP-BLUE's back.

2. SCP-096 is to be thrown into the fires of Mount Doom.

3. Dr. Bright is to perform Procedure 110-Montauk on [REDACTED].

4. SCP-3999 is to beat Researcher Talloran over the head with a one-point-five (1.5) meter titanium steal rod while screeching ''ni'' in the loudest, most annoying voice possible for all eternity (∞).

5. Jeff the Killer is to be stabbed to death with a fish knife then have his body dumped in a ditch besides a Massachusetts highway.

6. The sun is to be destroyed by any means available.

7. All data in this containment procedure is to be expunged and replaced with disinformation.

It is currently unknown why this procedure is capable of neutralizing SCP-BLUE's anomalous abilities, but its effectiveness was proven during Incident-BLUE-666.

Description: Hello, I'm TheBlueHourTheBlueHour, Caleb [REDACTED] in real life. I first learned of SCP through the TVtropes website. Being a life-long lover of ghost stories, spooky stuff and everything weird, I was almost instantly hooked and have been a fan ever since. I started writing around February 2019, before finally managing to get my first piece up in May. Since then I've been trying to write more stuff for this site so I'll have something to do in my last two years of collage. That's it really.

SCP-4913, Five Star [REDACTED]

My first surviving SCP. The story behind this one is pretty funny, I randomly thought it up one day when I was waiting for the bus and liked the idea enough to work on a draft for it. I decided that the idea couldn't work, so I abandoned it and worked on some other stuff for a bit. Weeks later, I looked at the draft again and I liked it so I decided to start it up again and managed to get it posted. It's a pretty small-scale skip, but I'm pretty happy with the way this one turned out.

SCP-4373, Drown (collab with Nameless MediocreNameless Mediocre)

While trying to think of the most ludicrous GOI combination possible I came up with Pattern Screamers X SPC. I originally had a pitch for an idea that was more a direct SPC version of SCP-3930, Nameless was the one who came up with the awesome Shark Paralyzer thing. Nameless added the video logs and the last email, and I worked on the interview log, the first email and editing the whole thing. This collab was a ton of fun and is my personal favorite of my articles so far.

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