The Overseer
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"How did we get here?"

Daniel Asheworth had no idea. As he looked from the window of the rescue helicopter, he thought of everything that went down in the last 8 years.
He thought about how the Foundation failed.
He thought about how the GOC failed.
And he thought about how everyone, who thought they were right, in the end also failed.

But how did we get here?

Well, let's start from the beginning - the end of the world happened. It wasn't like everyone always thought it would be - there were no explosions and there were no reality failures. No one expected that probably the most generic thing they contained would be their undoing.
Yes, this was probably what got Asheworth where he currently was - or, rather, the e-mail he got during the event did.
"Urgent" - that was the title of the message. Asheworth knew that it was something really important when he noticed it was sent by someone who didn't even have a name in the Foundation database.

That's how he became O5-12.

And then everything went as badly as it possibly could.

Firstly, the Foundation has failed. Because they thought they were right, they failed at the only mission they had - to secure, contain, and protect. And because of that, two continents were now gone.

Secondly, the Global Occult Coalition has failed. Because they thought they were right, they failed at cooperating with other groups of interest out of pure certainty that they were the only ones that could be the enlightened ones, but that was nothing new. And because of that, Wales was no more.

Thirdly, the Chaos Insurgency has also failed. Because they thought that their mission was a holy crusade to destroy all that was evil and unright, they didn't stop even when there was nothing to fight for. And because of that, they all died trying to stop the wrong enemy.

Not every group of interest was this stubborn though.

For the first time ever, The Manna Charitable Foundation hasn't failed. They understood that if there was no world, then there was nothing for them to preserve. Even though the Foundation wasn't their greatest friend, they knew that the only thing that could save them right now was cooperation.

Not to anyone's surprise, the Church of the Broken God hasn't failed. Their mission was the same it has always been - to worship their twisted god. Asheworth never understood them, but he didn't have too - as long as they weren't an enemy, of course.

And, thankfully, Serpent's Hand hasn't failed. Their goal temporarily changed - they gave up their ideals and pride and worked with their adversary for the sake of the greater good. No one expected them to do so - but apparently, they knew when to stop.

"God, it has been this way 8 years now, hasn't it?"

Daniel Asheworth hated his job.

He hated that we left his simple life as just a scientist.

He hated that everyone he ever cared about died.

He hated that he was too important to just be left as a victim of this armageddon.

He hated that only now, after 8 years, could he find time to rescue his only friend from the ruins of a civilization.

He hated that no matter how much he wanted it to, this torment would never end, as he was needed.

And, most importantly, he hated that he was the one who sentenced himself to this torture.

And as Daniel Asheworth, more known as O5-12, "The Hollow", looked out of the window of the rescue helicopter he sent to save his old coworker, James Micheals, he asked himself again:

"How the fuck did we get here?"

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