The Midnight Students (A Totally Normal Band)
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"The Silencers are here." Carmen muttered into his radio, "Jesus, can we just have a concert without one of them showing up for once?"

"I know," Joseph dramatically groaned back, his voice crackling through the radio, "I've been wanting to perform this song for years!"

Carmen stood, scanning the rather small crowd from his 'watchtower' on the venue's catwalk. "Yeah. There's, uh, two of them though. Should I try and take them out?" Looking closer at the pair of black-suited men, he took out his harmonica, raising it up to his mouth and—

"Carmen, no!" He flinched, almost dropping it as he fumbled for his radio.

"Then what are we gonna do! Let them watch our clearly anomalous concert?!" Though whispering, his words still boomed through the radio like a fierce shout.

"Shush, shush," Joseph replied. "I think we can still do this. Remember that class I had to take back at The Music Foundation of Aesthetic? Influencing minds through music?"

"Didn't you flunk out of that course?"

"Yeah, but-" he stuttered. "I- I still remember some of it. And I think Lex took it too. If we can—"

"That won't work." Carmen interrupted, staring down at the agents. "They've got these weird earbud things. It won't affect them, if they even give you time to play to them, that is."

"Ugh. Just… We've got this, okay? If anything goes wrong, then take 'em out. But for now, I better not hear a single note from that harmonica! Or else— Or else I'll do something!"

There was a loud clang as Joseph slammed his radio down, leaving the grumbling Carmen on his lonely catwalk.

A few minutes passed. Eventually, the lights around him dimmed. The red curtain began to open, revealing Joseph, with a shiny black microphone in his hand. Behind him sat Lex at her drum set, a nervous smile on her face.

Reaching for his bass guitar, he screamed into the mic, "Are you guys ready to feel zero gravity!?"

The crowd enthusiastically screamed in response.

Wait. That didn't sound right.

Carmen peeked down just in time to see a blast of smoke.

I fuckin' told him.

The screams began to fade as he heard multiple small thumps. Fumbling for his harmonica, he took it out and blew into it, playing a short, sharp note. Instantly, a red ribbon-like beam shot out of it, twirling around him before splitting and wrapping around his arms.

"Hey Silencers, look up here!" He shouted before dropping down to the ground, holding his harmonica up to his mouth. The pair of agents quickly reacted, dodging away with no regards to the citizens' unconscious bodies under their feet, likely knocked out by the fog.

One of them raised their wrist up to their mouth. "Reinforcements, come an—" His call for help was swiftly reduced to silence by an azure wave blasted towards him from Carmen's harmonica.

"Come on, you should know better than that," Carmen teased, a cheeky grin plastered on his face. "I love the mute button, don't you?"

From the stage, Lex yelled, "Carmen, get over here! We have no reason to fight them!"

Grumbling, he turned away from the two Silencers, who had their guns raised up at him. Looking back at them with a sweet smile, his ribbons wrapped around him like a shell before shattering into glass, leaving nothing behind.

"Call them in, now!" One of the Silencers barked to his partner before a ribbon was whipped around his body, restraining him.

"I changed my mind," Carmen said as he reappeared above the other agent, dropping down and striking him with a solid punch. After checking to make sure the man was unconscious, he patted him down, quickly finding a plastic key-card.

Level 3 clearance? Must be my lucky day!

"I swear to God, Carmen, if you don't get up here this instant I will deafen you for eternity!"

Carmen sighed and looked up at the stage, where Lex stood, seething. "Yeah yeah, mom…" With a small hop, he launched into the air and gracefully floated down, landing next to her. Disregarding his teasing, she quickly grabbed him by the wrist and began dragging him backstage through a maze of dim hallways.

They finally came to a door, where a panicked Joseph was standing waiting for them. "What took you so long?!"

"This moron thought it would be a good idea to fight!" Lex shouted back, pointing at Carmen, who crossed his arms.

"Ugh— Just— We're wasting time, let's go!" They went through the door and broke into a mad sprint for their black van, which was halfway across the empty parking lot. As they got closer, the light poles surrounding them suddenly went out, replaced by an intense beam of light pointing at their backs as they ran.

"Stop, now!" From behind them, a gruff voice roared over a megaphone. Joseph peeked back, quickly spotting a heavily armored man standing on the roof next to the spotlight, surrounded by several other men who began to quickly descend the building. Despite the bright light almost blinding him, he could make out the text surrounding the insignia on their shoulders.

Dead Air?

"Fuck, fuck, fuck! We're leaving the van behind!" he shouted to his comrades, grabbing them by the wrists.

"Wait, why!?" Carmen inquired, a scowl on his face as he peeked back and saw the answer for himself. "Shit. Is that an MTF?"

"An MTF?!" Lex exclaimed, "I thought they just sent the incompetent agents!"

"Shush! Let me concentrate, it's been a while since I've done this!" Joseph's grip tightened around their wrists as he pulled them to a stop, hyperventilating for a few seconds before breaking out into song. "♫ Oh please hear us, shadows of the night! ♫"

The group of armored men drew closer, pulling out their guns. Carmen quickly yanked them behind their van just in time to avoid a volley of gunshots.

"♫ We, your students, require your might! ♫"

One of the men came around the corner of the van, only to be struck in the chest by one of Lex's drumsticks. His headphones went flying off of his head, and she reached out just in time to grab them as they came flying back, rested on her glowing drumstick. She quickly tucked them into the pocket of her hoodie.

"♫ Please, we beg you, imbue us with flight! ♫"

A small rumble shook the earth, followed by an enormous boom as they launched into the sky.

MTF Mu-15 ("Dead Air")


Task Force Mission: Mobile Task Force Mu-15 is dedicated to the investigation, monitoring, containment, and defense of all anomalies created and circulated by Group Of Interest 'Aesthetic of Music Sound.' This includes tracking down the location of their school, 'The Music Foundation of Aesthetic' and any previous or current students.

Assisting In Containment of Objects:

Action Reports:

  • N/A


[🗸] YES [ ] NO

Kids. A bunch of kids got away from us.

Elliot Graham bought his fist down on his keyboard, ignoring the bitter sting of pain as his fury simmered.

No. I can't do this…

Reasoning with himself, he began to calm down, unclenching his fist and resting it on the desk.

Of course they had a few tricks up their sleeves, we should've anticipated that.

He smiled.

This was a learning experience… Yes… Now we know what they're capable of…

Opening a new document, he began to type.

  • Harmonica Guy
  • Drum Girl
  • Lead Singer/Guitarist

He had forgotten their names, despite the fact that he had been pursuing them for weeks. Squinting, he went over what all the agents had told him.

  • Harmonica Guy:
  • Uses ribbon-like beams capable of restraining and knocking out personnel. Can also be used for some kind of low-range teleportation.
  • Ribbons provide him with great strength & durability when wrapped around his arms.
  • Can also release a blue wave that temporarily 'mutes' any human it comes in contact with.
  • Not part of the main act, only there for backup.

Probably the strongest one out of the three… His powers seem rather limited, though.

  • Possible Weaknesses: Large groups could be potentially overwhelming, make sure not to send in a low number of agents when fighting him.

Now, the girl with the drums. She seemed like the most mysterious one of them all…

  • Drum Girl
  • Can telepathically control drumsticks. Other powers unknown, stay cautious around this one.

Last but not least, the lead…

  • Lead Singer/Guitarist
  • Apparently capable of causing an audience to feel 'zero gravity' using his guitar. This is currently unconfirmed.
  • Can sing certain vocal 'spells,' which are used to grant special powers such as flight. How this works is currently unknown, and no lyrics have been recorded.

Elliot leaned back in his chair, looking at the document.

If we just knew where that damned school was…

He thought for a moment, then gasped.

That's right, they took a key-card from one of our agents!

Picking up the phone beside his computer, a cocky grin spread onto his face uncontrollably.

"Can you do me a favor and place the microphone under high security? I suspect the Aesthetic of Music Sound is going to make a move soon…"

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