The Great Religious War
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The Great Religious War is an event generally resulting in the end of humanity, the world, or even reality (to confirm that "generally", we'd need a timeline where it ends well tho'). This war consists of several religions, sects or simply groups with a specific ideology, fighting between themselves with anomalous means like weapons or unknown entities considered like "gods". Il convient de noter que dans certaines lignes temporelles, ce sont simplement les combats entre deux "dieux" qui conduisent à la fin de l'humanité. speak english please


The concepts of religion and ideology. essentially the bases of the human civilization Not necessarily, there are timelines where human civilization managed to develop without those principles of "faith"

The apparition and the capacity of creating "anomalies" Actually, even in some timelines without "anomalies", great religious wars could occur

it seems that conflicts between the church of the broken god and the sarkic cults often have a good chance of causing the event, so we need to keep an eye on those two groups in our respective timelines


it has the potential to wipe out reality, so there isn't much utility La seule possibilité pour une de nos petites sœurs de s'en servir serait de jouer à la sauveuse de l'humanité afin de pouvoir régner en toute "légitimité", mais les chances pour que cela arrive sont trop faibles (et aucune ligne temporelle où c'est le cas n'a encore été recensée). seriously i don't even understand one word of what you're saying


Even if we can delay the event, there is no possibility to avoid the damages caused by the War. One occurence of damages being softened had been observed (cf. timeline E-413), and we hope it'll never occur again

Instance: Timeline L-241:

the french organization sapphire triggered the war, attacking the horizon initiative with the help of the humanist gentlemen En fait le nom de ce groupe est plutôt Les Gentilshommes Humanistes. no matter what you said, i don't care Stay serious, please. okay so three RUBYs (one type of sapphire’s task forces) busted into one of the biggest sites of the horizon initiative and managed to eradicate all forms of “anomalies” in there Ironiquement, les RUBIS ont utilisé des objets anormaux pour cela. … after battles between some RUBYs and initiative’s army, sapphire and humanist gentlemen scientists released with the help of other anomalous entities a normality field similar to the one around of the cruise ship, spreading throughout the universe, making all "anomalies" within disappear. So, in spite of this disparition, the war ended well, didn't it? uhhhh actually it was at this time they realized there was an anomalous entity which was preventing the Earth from exploding. Oh.

Instance: Timeline E-413

The war was caused by a battle, the tragic battle of Mittelheim, between the most important sarkic sects and the main branch of the church of the broken god, the broken church. After two days of fighting and death, the horizon initiative joined the battle to stop the conflict, but they just managed to intensify the strife instead of calming things down. The war ended with the summoning of the sarkic primary god Yaldabaoth and an iteration of the “broken god”, and it would have turned into the end of reality without the intervention of our late little sister, black queen scorpio. oh yes scorpio i remember her Wasn’t she one of our little sisters who managed to save Gears and found a happy family? yep And if this war hadn’t happened, she could have kept her family forever… Anyway, to save reality, she had to sacrifice herself and Gears to Yaldabaoth to stop it, making the war conclude in a “simple” end of the world.

Instance: Timeline B-113

Ah, c’est à moi. please no Ne sois pas si mauvaise langue, enfin… Bref, après que l’ayatollah Yaqut fut placé à la tête du Bureau de Récupération des Artéfacts Islamiques, celui-ci décida de lancer un djihad (une Guerre Sainte) avec les membres du bureau afin de supprimer l’état d’Israël et de "faire en sorte que la volonté d’Allah règne sur Jérusalem", au moyen d’objets et entités anormaux. He seems to be a nice guy… how can you understand her
Après le génocide de plusieurs millions d’israéliens, Yaqut réussit son djihad, plaçant les autorités musulmanes chiite et sunnite sur Jérusalem, ordonnant la destruction de tous les monuments religieux chrétiens, juifs et autres que musulmans. En voyant cela, le Saint-Siège prépara une nouvelle croisade afin de reprendre Jérusalem du BRAI. Après avoir reçu l’autorisation de la Coalition Mondiale Occulte, la croisade fut lancée, avec l’aide de l’Ordre de la Lumière. i still don’t understand what you’re saying but i guess it end the same way as usual? Exactement. Si le début de la croisade se passait comme une Guerre Occulte classique, des mouvements pro-croisés et pro-djihadistes ont commencé à apparaître pour une raison inconnue un peu partout dans le monde, tuant tout ceux n’étant pas de leurs idéologies respectives. It should be noted that they can try to kill a group sharing the same ideology, if they are in competition to “purify” a city. Au fur et à mesure que cette guerre avançait, il n’y avait plus que deux camps, les croisés contre les djihadistes. Finalement… Aucun camp n’a gagné. Tout le monde est mort. L’humanité toute entière a réussi à s'entretuer. Hm.

Well, we need to pay attention about the next Great Religious Wars, if we don’t want to have a new E-413. Yep, we must. Oops… you speak english from the start? Hehe. but… but.. It was funny to watch you, trying to understand French. Gisèle prefers speaking french, she finds it more… fluid and distinguished. but if you knew this why didn't you warn me? We could, but it was too funny to watch. … i'm fed up with you girls i'm off Au revoir, petite sœur ! STOP Hehe! Goodbye, girls.

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